Is It Worth the Expense to Replace Windows Before Selling Your Home?

Many homeowners who are preparing to put their home on the market will perform a myriad of repairs and upgrades in an effort to sell the house in a shorter period of time and at a potentially higher price.

One of the areas that brings up the most debate is whether or not to invest in new windows prior to a sale. Replacement windows can offer plenty of valuable benefits, but homeowners who are concerned about cost may be reluctant at first. If this sounds like something you’re struggling to decide, once you consider all of the reasons why window replacement can be a great investment you may realize it’s the right choice.

Curb Appeal

The housing market can fluctuate wildly, particularly in a buyer’s market, which means you need to give your house some enhanced curb appeal to make it easily noticeable among the others. Replacing your windows can help your home get the attention it deserves from potential buyers.

That’s because you have so many styles to choose from, you can keep the aesthetic that is currently installed in your home or go with something that feels a bit more updated or modern. That all depends on your home’s type of architecture.

Some homeowners choose new windows can allow more light to get into a certain area or they select windows that are more energy efficient. Still others will go with a window type that is easier to clean. These are just some of the things that buyers are seeking in their new home. They love buying a property that has the latest updates and amenities already built in. With these additions, you can ask for a higher price.

Resale Price

So how much could you see in an increased resale value? That can largely depend on the type of replacement job you have performed on your windows. This is one of the most popular refurbishments chosen by homeowners and it’s easy to see why at approximately 85%-90% ROI.

Window replacement can not only beautify the home and give it a modern update, but it can yield a sizable return on the capital you invest in the job.

Energy Efficiency

Selling your home is easier when the buyers know they can save money in the long run. One way to accomplish this is by replacing the windows that are in your home now with more energy efficient options.

The savings on energy bills could be as much as 15%-20% per year. If you can quote those numbers to potential buyers they will be a lot more willing to choose your home over another that can’t promise lesser utility costs.

Replacement windows can offer energy efficiency in a number of ways, from low-E coatings to insulated double panes to superior manufacturing designed to keep climate-controlled air from escaping outside. All of these can be valuable selling points to get your home off the market fast.

Protecting the Interior

Windows can provide your home with plenty of natural light and this can also be a good selling point to convince buyers. However, all of that sunlight can be damaging to your belongings due to extended UV exposure. Many new replacement windows can filter out those harmful elements while still allowing that natural light to get in. Older windows may not have that capability and the result could be faded and sun-bleached carpets, wall paint, and furniture.

Fortifying the Home

Buyers want to know that the home is secure and well-protected from all facets of the surrounding environment. Replacement windows can offer a level of assurance that will make your house more attractive as a purchase.

For starters, many new replacement windows provide additional security from intruders due to their construction. Older windows can start to warp and fail, making them more vulnerable and easy to break into with less effort. When gaps and cracks start to show, that gives burglars an invitation to take advantage of these compromised areas.

Those cracks and gaps can also let in outdoor precipitation which can lead to water damage in and around the window and inside the home. Potential buyers are only going to see more dollar signs when they notice these imperfections and it might be the difference between making an offer on your home or the next one they see instead.

If these sound like benefits you want for your home before you sell, call Renewal by Andersen window replacement for an estimate.

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