Open Your Eyes to New Options in Windows

Have you noticed a draft around your windows? Maybe there’s a broken latch or windows that stick or windows that threaten to crash onto your fingers instead of staying up. There’s a lot of potential for frustration when it comes to older windows, and it sometimes seems that it doesn’t take much more than ten years or so for new windows to become old. If you’re constantly thinking about new windows, there’s sure to be a window installer in Houston who is ready to help.

A Clear View of Your Options

Before you get too far into the purchase process, spend a few minutes considering some of the many fun and practical things you can do with windows. When you’re going to invest in replacements, you could improve the energy efficiency of your home and bump up the curb appeal of the property at the same time. Here are some of the most popular replacement options available today.

Double-Hung for Comfort and Convenience

Double-hung windows are a very popular replacement option. Each sash can open, rather than just the bottom sash, so homeowners can easily adjust ventilation and air flow. Homeowners can also tilt each sash for convenient cleaning of the inside and outside surfaces of the glass. These windows tend to cost more than single-hung windows. If you love this option, check with utility companies to learn more about energy-efficiency rebates. You window installer in Houston may also steer you toward helpful cost-saving programs.


Bring Nature Inside With a Garden Window

A garden window is a great addition to your kitchen. It’s an affordable option with a lot to offer, including

  •          A beautiful place to house indoor plants, flowers, and herbs.
  •          A peripheral view of your outdoor space and sky.
  •          A decorative element to a space that is often ignored until it’s time to do dishes.
  •          Additional natural lighting in one of the busiest rooms of the house.

You may have a lot of questions about this option, such as whether they are really energy-efficient or whether you can open them for fresh air. As with any home improvement, it’s best to research the possibilities. However, once you’ve learned more about the garden window, you may find it hard to resist adding them to other rooms of the house.

Love Your Bow or Bay Windows

Many homeowners dream of creating a comfortable nook with a bay or bow window. These formats provide extra interior space and a brighter view of the outside. Both styles make spaces look bigger and let in more light. They can also make it easier to sell the home if that is a current issue. If you have a modern home, the flat planes of a bay window are probably more appropriate while the curving appearance of a bow window is perfect for Victorian-style homes. Talk about these factors with a window installer in Houston.

What Are Your Favorites?

When you’ve decided its time for a replacement window, spend some time reviewing home improvement sites and window galleries. You’re likely to find something that boosts the visual appeal of your home as much as it satisfies your practical requirements.


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