5 Glass Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

When it comes to finding the best ways to clean your windows, everyone has an opinion. But we here at Wilmington replacement windows have found a number of helpful hacks to get your glass looking its best.

There are any number of detrimental influences that can prevent your windows from getting as cleans as they can be. Think of all the times you’ve washed and wiped at each pane only to discover that you’ve missed a spot. Not to mention the streaky residue that can be left behind from using the wrong cleaning products.

Glass is something that seems easy to clean properly but, in reality, can be a challenge. There are a number of things that can interfere with the job and you won’t even know it’s happening. Despite putting all of that time and elbow grease into the task, you still find streaks and spots in places that you were sure had been wiped down thoroughly.

Well you don’t need to deal with these frustrations any longer, not when you implement these five glass cleaning hacks that are sure to make your life simpler and your glass cleaning methods more effective. So when you’re doing your windows, keep these helpful hints in mind and you’ll have a streak-free shine every time.

1. Spray Away!

You’ve got that bottle of glass cleaner in your hand for a reason, so use it. The more you spray on the glass, the better of you’ll be in cleaning it. When you don’t cover the glass in enough of your window cleaner it’s going to look as if you barely even cleaned it.

So don’t hold back on the glass cleaner, spray the entire surface and then clean. After you’re finished, you’ll be able to notice the difference.

2. Gray Days are Better

There’s just something about being outside on a warm, sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky and the sunlight beaming down. Trouble is, that warm sunlight can also have a detrimental effect on trying to clean your windows.

The reason being that warm inviting sunlight can start to dry up your glass cleanser which reduces the amount of it you have on your glass. When you try to wash your window, you’re doing so after it’s half dry already. Then you have the same problem as if you didn’t spray enough on there in the first place.

In order to prevent this from happening, opt to clean your windows on a day that is less bright and more overcast. That way you can be sure your glass cleaner will be there to get the work done and you’re left with a shiny, clean window.

3. Look Closely

If you really want to ensure a bright, clear shine on your window glass, you have to look closer. Examine what you’re doing from more than just a single vantage point. How often do you notice that you’ve missed a spot after you were absolutely sure you had cleaned the entire pane completely?

Guessing it happens more often than you like, but the truth is you missed a spot or two simply because you didn’t see what you were doing from every possible point of view.

It may seem silly but if you don’t check the glass from the front, the side, underneath, overhead, and just about every other possible angle, you just won’t be able to get the window completely clean.

Sure, it might take a bit longer to clean the window, but when you’re finished you’ll feel comfortable knowing you won’t have to go right back and spot-check your work, which can take even longer and present your windows in the worst possible light.

4. The Right Equipment

It’s simple, you can’t do the job right if you don’t have the proper tools. It’s like that when you’re trying to repair your car or clean your windows. The two certainly use different tools from one another but each job can’t be done correctly without them.

When you’re cleaning your windows, you want to rely on soft materials that won’t scratch your glass or mar it in any way. Whether it’s a soft cloth or a thick sponge, each will have a significant impact on cleaning your windows correctly. You should also look into getting a rubber squeegee as this is one of the best possible tools for cleaning glass.

5. Dry Wipe the Window

After you’ve sprayed and washed and wiped you may still find you’ve left some streaks behind. Don’t go crazy, just get your hands on a blackboard eraser, a soft shirt, or delicate cloth and wipe those streaks off the glass – without glass cleaner or solution. Wiping at the glass with a little friction will be a big help toward eliminating those annoying streaks.


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