Facts About Roof Claims

If you are a resident or business owner, you may be concerned about roof damage. Roof damage is a common cause of loss and is primarily caused by adverse weather events.

If you are filing a roof damage insurance claim Elmhurst IL, you may have questions about the process. A policyholder and potential claimant should be aware of the types of coverages available, as well as the different exclusions, limitations and conditions that may apply in the event of a claim.

Named Perils Policies

The policyholder should be aware of the type of policy they have. If the policy is a named perils policy, only the specific types of perils (such as wind, lightning, fire, etc.) are covered. If it is not specifically outlined as a covered peril, it is not covered. This policy is also subject to further exclusions, limitations and conditions. The burden of proof is said to be on the policyholder for these types of policies.

Special Form Coverage

A more premium coverage is what is often referred to as “special form coverage.” These policies provide coverage for risk of direct loss to covered property unless excluded by the policy. Unless there is a specific exclusion or exclusions apply to an occurrence, the policy will provide coverage. Unlike a named perils policy, the burden of proof is on the insurance carrier.

Common Coverage Exclusions

Common exclusions that impact property claims are improper construction, wear and tear and water damage. Property insurance policies are meant to cover fortuitous and unforeseen occurrences. Since wear and tear gradually happens and cannot be prevented, a roof that has worn out over time is not covered by insurance.

Improper construction is also not viewed as a fortuitous occurrence. Improperly constructed roof claims should be directed toward the contractor who performed the work.

Water damage is also typically not covered, but the insured should review the definitions as well as exceptions to this exclusion. Often, resulting water damage may be covered. For example, under some policies, water damage that ensues following improper construction or wear and tear may be covered.

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