Flat Roofing

Some Common Problems with Flat Roofing and How to Minimize Them

The roof is an important aspect of any building, and this is why you need to ensure it is in a good condition. A roof can compromise the integrity of a building. There are many roofing options out there, with each having its pros and cons. There are some roofing options that have become more common than others because of the benefits they come with and the costs. You will need to take good care of your roof whether it is your home or a commercial building. A flat roof is one of the most common types of roofing out there.

The flat roof will offer some great benefits such as energy efficiency and also aesthetics, and it can also give you a secondary outdoor space. These benefits will prove to be great, but you also need to remember flat roofs will need more work than other types of roofs. You will also need to consider regular inspections with Armor Service Roofing Contractor to ensure everything is okay. You will also have a harder time when it comes to knowing whether the roof needs to be replaced or just minor repairs. These types of roofs need to be carefully inspected because a leaf can easily result in collapse and end up damaging your property. But you can avoid all of these problems by ensuring regular maintenance is done.

A common misconception is that flat roofs are flat, but this is not the case. When properly designed, a flat roof will have a slight slope. This is done to ensure that water will not pool on the roof. Rainwater can be a serious threat to a flat roof because they don’t have the power of gravity to help out. When the water doesn’t get off the roofing, then it starts weighing the roof down, and this can result in the collapse. Standing water will also cause leaks to take place. This is why you should make sure the installation has been done right.

Stagnant water

There are times when water will stagnate on your roof, but the good thing is that the problem is not that hard to fix. Rainwater outlets on flat roofing drainage system can sometimes be blocked by debris, and this will be common during autumn because the leaves will be falling down fast. Installation of a leaf guard on the gutter can help, but you should not count on it to entirely prevent blocking on its own. The best way to deal with such a problem is carrying out regular maintenance of the drainage system to ensure the water will be going where it should go. There are some people who don’t notice when this happens and will only get to know of the problem is too late and they now have to spend a lot of money trying to fix the problem. The process of checking will take you a couple of months, and that alone will save you a lot in the long run. Always check your drainage system.


This is one of the surest sign that the roofing needs to be replaced. This is used to describe what happens when the asphalt that was used in building the flat roof starts to lose the elasticity as a result of aging. The asphalt will start to crack and bubble start to form, and it will start to look the same as the skin of an alligator, and this is where the name is derived from. This is a sign that the flat roof has deteriorated and the best course of action id replacing it so that it doesn’t result in further damage. Talk to an expert so he will help you minimize the risks before you decide to have the roofing replaced.


Leaks and moisture

This is one of the most common problems when it comes to flat roofing, but the good thing is that these issues can be easily dealt with, provided you are ready to invest some time and effort in the process. You should find a way to deal with the problem as soon as you see it so as to minimize the damage it leaves. You can do the inspection your own without the help of a professional. There is no need to have your roofing rich in fungus and mold, something you could have easily avoided. If you find it hard to do this, then you should consider calling in an expert who will be able to deal with any problem he notices.

Buckle in membrane

Most of the asphalt flat roofing is usually constructed the same shingled roof is done. This means that the flat roof is made from a membrane that has been soaked in asphalt then it is laid across the top of the building to make the roofing. The difference is that with asphalt flat roof, the membrane is one piece. With time, the house will shift and settle, and the roof will be doing the same. These movements will result in buckles in the asphalt membrane, and this is usually a sign that the roofing needs to be replaced. A buckling roof is not safe and can result in a lot of problem down the line. Talk to an expert on how you can have the roofing replaced.

Crack in roof

Flat roofs will experience more pressure because there is more exerted when compared to a slanted roof. This pressure will build up and if it reaches a point where it is excessive, then it can result in the roof cracking. If you happen to see a crack in your roofing, then you should make an effort of calling a professional immediately because it is a sign that something is wrong. The expert will be able to see the problem and see whether it can be fixed, or the roof has to be replaced.

Roofs should be properly maintained because they can be expensive to replace. There are different roofing options out there, with flat roof proving to be a favorite for many.

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