Refurnishing Options for Your Kitchen Space

If there’s one place in a house that’s a pain to decorate, it’s the kitchen. Being equal parts a place for work through cooking and a place for leisure for the very same reason, you’ll be faced with minimizing your design options for functionality over aesthetic. With practicality comes sacrificing complex wall installations for better ventilation and even rerouting your plumbing to have the most efficient connection possible. Though renovating a kitchen might be a pain to deal with, there are places that you can put your mind to that won’t let you worry too much over doing an overhaul of your home’s core structures.

Lighting options

One of the most challenging things to implement in a kitchen is limited lighting options. It’s an unusually dull choice to have a ceiling lamp as your primary source of light. Alternative ways to bring light into the kitchen include making the most out of your windows in the morning and having them lined with LED strips.

Have a blast in redecorating your kitchen by strategically placing LED strips or fluorescent lamps as backlights to your cabinets and shelves. The backlight effect is sure to make it both aesthetically attractive while remaining unobtrusive to your workspace in the kitchen. Play around with the idea of different light placements depending on the area that needs appropriate lighting such as above your stove area and sink.

Worktop choices

Interior designers usually pair up the worktop design with the flooring design, making the textures of the two blend depending on the look that the owner wants the kitchen area to have.

Depending on the material, you might have more trouble maintaining some worktops compared to others. Natural wood is often a popular choice but can be hard to keep in its original state after years of use. Granite worktops have the added benefit of being heat-resistant which makes it the best choice for kitchen areas, especially if you’re used to using it to cooking up a feast and need as much space as you can get.

Besides finding the right material, you’re also advised to find the right supplier for the best price that you can get. Manufacturers such as can deliver worktops from their wide selection of colours and palettes ready to be installed in your home.

Flooring complements

Flooring is mostly used to complement the colour of the kitchen walls and ceiling which is tied together by your kitchen worktops. Natural material is a little pricey and tends to be difficult to maintain, especially when it comes to hardwood and concrete. Popular alternatives are marble and tiles, but even they have issues when it comes to scratches and proper insulation.

If you haven’t decided yet on committing to one material to replace your flooring, vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice for you if you’re someone who’s more used to changing your look every season. These stick-on flooring options are easy to install and aren’t that difficult to maintain as they’re made of composite materials that are scratch and stain resistant.


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