Everything You Should Know About Types of Storms

We have to start by saying that a thunderstorm includes the combination of heavy rain with the severe thunder. Remember that thunder tends to happen due to lightning, which means that in all cases, thunderstorms have to feature lightning.

When it comes to these particular types of storms, you should know that they tend to happen due to surface heating. Therefore, the convection is the motion in which surface heating is going up and combines with the humidity found in the air.

This particular convection process is the main reason why thunderstorms happen. Different classifications state that thunderstorm is severe weather. The next larger classification includes tornados, which is something you need to remember. You should learn more about types of storms on the link we shared with you.

According to statistics, more than 16 million thunderstorms happen each year. At the same time, in the world, there are approximately two thousand thunderstorms at any given moment. In the US, it tends to happen approximately a hundred thousand times on an annual basis.

However, only 10% of them can reach severe levels that could lead to devastation and flooding.

When They Tend To Happen?

You should know that thunderstorms tend to happen mostly during summer and spring days during the evening and afternoon hours. However, they can also happen all year long due to numerous reasons/

Across the Western and Southeastern states that are around the Gulf Coast, the thunderstorms tend to happen during the afternoon moments. On the other hand, in Plain states, they tend to start during the late afternoons and evenings.

The Types of Damage That Could Happen During the Thunderstorm

Remember that this particular weather can be a hazardous event for most inhabitants and people that live in the areas around it. During the proper conditions, this particular storm can kill more people on an annual basis than lightning’s, tornadoes and hurricanes combined.

At the same time, it can lead to flash flooding. We all know that lightning can lead to fire hazards as well as numerous fatalities. It is important to add the damage caused to windows and vehicles as well as livestock, which is out in the open.

It is important to click here so that you can understand everything about this particular type of storm.

You should also know that strong winds that are faster than 120 mph could knock down mobile homes, power lines and trees. Finally, tornadoes that include winds that can reach up to 300 mph can cause severe damage to manmade structures all around.

How Does It Happen?

You should understand that nature needs three vital ingredients that are required for causing the thunderstorm. We are talking about rising unstable air, moisture and lifting mechanisms that will combine these two.

Generally, it starts on the earth where the heat affects the surface as well as warm air all around it. The warm surface air will be forced to raise mountains and hills. It requires two opposite breaths of air such as wet and dry, or warm and cold can bump each other and cause the rising.

As soon as the air rises to a high point, it will start to weigh less while maintaining the warmth along the way. Remember that the air will continue to rise, which will transfer the same heat from the surface into the higher levels of the atmosphere.

That leads to the convection process in which vapor will start to cool down and release heat as a result. The heat will condense and form a cloud that will grow and reach the areas with below-freezing temperatures.

As the heat reaches the freezing air, the ice particles will form from the drops. They tend to grow due to vapor, and when combined with the unfrozen liquid, they will start to cool as well.

These two particles will collide, and that will cause the electrical charge known as thunder. The combination of numerous collisions will create a cloud filled with electric charges that will create lightning as well as the horrible sound that we hear during the thunderstorm.

Check out this site: https://www.wikihow.com/Protect-Yourself-in-a-Thunderstorm to learn how to prepare yourself for a thunderstorm.

Life Cycle

We can differentiate various stages of the life cycle, including the developing stage we have mentioned above. It tends to reach a mature stage. That is the common situation that will result in frequent lightning, heavy rain and strong winds.

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