Vintage maps are the perfect decoration for local businesses

There are a number of factors that contribute in your business to thrive. It starts from the demand of your product in the market, the perception of your targeted customers, the quality of your product, the hard work of your team, the strength of your advertising and the way your office looks like. Yes, you read that right. The décor of your office is something that matters a lot in the success of your business.

If your business office gives the idea of a perfectly designed area, your customers are going to get impressed by it and the next time they would definitely come to visit you. So pay attention to this factor as well and try out a few good things yourself.

First things first. When someone enters your office, the cleanliness of your office is the first measure for the wellness of your office. Secondly, the decoration. You need to choose your decoration wisely and here are some guidelines for you to enhance your office décor using the vintage maps.

  • Show off where you have been to

If you want to create an impression on the clients that you had been to certain places in the world, or even in the country, you just need the right way to show it off. All you have to do is to take a piece of map of that specific area where you have been to, and then highlight it and place it on the wall. Remember, always get the maps framed in order to create the best picture through the maps. You could make use of the fancy pointers to mark the places you have been to, or you could place a few pictures of the trip to highlight the story.

  • Jazz up your sofa with the maps

The maps are a versatile medium for the decoration of your office. So what you could do other than placing the framed maps on the wall, is to use them as a backdrop or a wallpaper behind the sofa or behind the main desk. If you can manage, get a large sized vintage map and place it on the wall that is bare. So that most part of the wall is visible to the clients.

  • Use the maps to create beautiful lamp shades

You could also use the maps to build the lamp shades, or get those from the market. Now you can either use these lamps in front of the backdrop that you have created with the help of the map or you could just use these lamps in front of some photos of your past projects. The effect that they create is really classy.

  • Map on the table top

The table is the integral part of the office, so the table top could easily be covered with the help of a map. You could place a glass on the top of the map to secure it from ink and other spots.

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