Upgrades Under $1,000 That Will Increase Resale Value and Sell the Property Faster

A small upgrade can increase the value of a real estate property. Before selling a house, owners usually make improvements, so they can make more money out of the sale.

However, sometimes, the money invested toward a project does not raise the final price of the house. A major renovation project can raise the owner’s expectations, making them overestimate the value of the property and end up asking for too much. Instead of an advantage, the high-end sauna or swimming pool ends up turning potential buyers away.

There are certain upgrades that make sense and make the property desirable to people who are looking to purchase real estate. Some cost a fortune. Others would not burn a hole in your wallet.

Here are the home improvement updates that are well worth the price:

Have Clean Tap Water

In most states, a water filtration system is necessary to remove unwanted substances from drinking water. Contrary to popular belief, the water that comes out of the tap does not entirely consist of H2O. Sometimes, there are also traces of copper, cadmium, pesticides, and sediments that are present in the water. A water filtration system can assure that the household is drinking clean water.

Water can also contain high levels of minerals that, although not bad for the health, can lead to annoying consequences such as limescale build-up and damage. A water softener system can reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium, which leaves a residue from hard water.

The real estate property will benefit from any water system. A homeowner can sell a house faster after a water softener replacement service. Buyers know the benefits of having a water softener is, and a newly installed system will encourage them to make the purchase because it is saving them money in the long run.

Depending on the size of the house, a soft water system can cost below $1,000. On average, it is around $1,500 for the entire property including the installation fee. A simple water filtration under a sink goes below $500.

Freshen the Light Fixtures

Your light fixtures can illuminate the house for years but, eventually, with constant use, they will lose their luster. They become discolored and look worn down. Switching out the old light fixture to a new one is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades you can do to your home. It also can be done on your own without the help of an electrician, saving you more money while increasing the desirability of the property.

A good quality fixture is priced at around $200, but you can further lower your expenses by repainting it. A can of spray paint will make the old light fixture look new again.

In addition, adding more lights to a room will brighten the space and make it appear larger. Ditch the grand chandelier. Opt for pin lights and track lights to eliminate every shadow and dark corner.

Add More Outlets

People nowadays have multiple electronic devices they use regularly. There is a need for more outlets to plug their smartphones, laptops, voice assistants, smart refrigerators, and other everyday items.

It is also a good idea to upgrade the outlets that you already have to ground three-prong receptacles. This type of outlet is more versatile and suited to modern appliances.

Get a New Front Door

The house’s front door is one of the first features that a visitor or a potential buyer will see. It is part of what is called the property’s “curb appeal.” Usually, people make a first impression of a house based on the curb appeal. If the exterior is bad, a potential buyer can make the decision not to push through with the purchase or it may set a negative expectation that will discourage them from closing the sale.

But, replacing the front door will be an instant facelift. It can make the house look new or have a bit more character. It can make entering the property feel grand.

A bold color is attention-grabbing. The Instagram-famous pink door in Palm Springs comes to mind as a testament to how a good-looking front door can make an impact.

Do not forget about the hardware. Aside from security, the doorknobs and keyhole make a difference. You can also install a smart lock which can improve safety as well as increase the appeal of the property.

A homeowner who wants to sell the real estate property quickly and at a higher price can get a bit carried away with repairs and improvements. However, the expense should commensurate with the potential increase in resale value.

Meta title: Home Upgrades Under $1,000 That is Well Worth the Cost
meta desc: Most home sellers make improvements to their property to increase resale value and to sell quicker. There are upgrades that do not cost a lot but make the property look more desirable to potential buyers.

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