The Practicality of Mini Excavators

Small construction jobs or projects like snow ploughing, landscaping, digging and moving debris in general require machinery that isn’t that big. Hence, the best solution for jobs such as these is to use machinery such as mini excavators. There are numerous applications that these small machines that come with either tracks or wheels are able to do because of their versatility which is what makes renting them a worthwhile and justified decision especially for singular projects in terms of cost effectiveness.

However, when it comes to bigger projects, the use of mainly heavy duty excavators would certainly be the more feasible option. There are various types of mini excavator hire options and as “mini” as they come, they are still available in different sizes and weight categories that fit different project expectations. When small construction outfits choose mini excavators they should be done based on what tasks are at hand and the time frame needed for them to be completed.

In terms of power, the capacity and size of the engine is what differentiates between standard excavators and mini excavators. Standard excavators are much larger and powerful and a much wider range of attachments that enhances their capabilities, however using the standard sized excavator for smaller construction projects is akin to use a truck to move an ant. Towards handling specific tasks, project managers need to consider project objectives, excavator hire cost prices and the space available for such machines to be used effectively. In general, it would be quite easy for project managers to choose the type of excavator that would fit the specific chosen for a project that could give out its best performance.

Mini excavators usually weigh less and are also smaller in size compared to standard excavators, which makes them to be suitable for landscaping projects as they cause less damage to the ground. Besides that, with the mini excavators compact features it allows then to work especially in small spaces or surfaces that are not able to withstand excessive weight that larger machines exert on grounds that require “gentle treatment” as it could result in them damaging the surfaces which is counterproductive to projects such as landscaping, swimming pool construction and ground work is not suitable to have these large machines around.

When using standard excavators they are likely to damage residential grounds due to the fact that the grounds themselves are softer and could be grassy which also could be easily damaged. When using excavators on softer grounds and needing to move within small tight spaces, it is best to use mini excavators compared to larger ones as they don’t cause much damage and are more suitable.

Another feature about this mini excavator is that it could be easily loaded to the back of utility trucks by project managers and are easily able to be transported from site to site whilst still being able to reduce the cost (Must ensure that the utility truck itself can withstand the weight of the mini excavator when transporting these machines to other sites).

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