Importance of Using IBC Tanks

Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBCs, are perfect for storing and transporting a wide array of liquids and solids for different industries. In most cases, they come from industrial-grade plastic, meaning you can get them in the form of flexible and rigid options.

Since it features a cube-shaped design, you can rest assured because you can store them with ease, especially compared with cylindrical counterparts. They can hold up to a thousand liters of materials, while you can choose smaller options depending on your purposes and needs.

You can maintain them with ease by using reconditioning systems, meaning they are highly economical and reusable for transportation companies. Generally, the main idea is to transport granulated food, raw materials, chemicals, petrochemical products, food syrups, pharmaceutical compounds, paints, rainwater, wine, and biological waste, among others.

Generally, they entered the market back in 1993, making them relatively new container options. We can differentiate numerous advantages of using them, which is why you should stay with us to learn more about them.

Advantages of IBC Tanks

Compared with cylindrical transport containers and traditional barrels, IBCs are better options that will provide you peace of mind. They are perfect when it comes to timesaving and storage, while they can reduce waste, and you can reuse them afterward after cleanup.

Similarly, as mentioned above, we are talking about cube-shaped options, which make them stackable and simple to store. You can load them on pallet stacks by using forklift trucks without compromising the shape and materials inside. As a result, you will save both effort and time, which are essential traits for distribution and transportation companies.

At the same time, they can handle a wide array of products depending on your preferences and industry niche. We recommend you reduce the number of waste containers, which makes them appealing and affordable eventually. The reconditioning systems will allow you to use those multiple times, which is perfect for your budget and environment altogether.

1.     Versatility

You should know that the IBC containers are perfect for shipping and storing different cargo. Since they feature a universal cube design, it means you will store almost any type of material, including food products, industrial chemicals, and other things you wish to move or store.

At the same time, they are specifically perfect for hazardous materials due to their durable design that will stand the test of time. A double-valve option makes both draining and filling a piece of cake. You just must open the top valve for filling and use the bottom one for disposing of the product.

2.     Simple to Handle

We recommend you visit this site: to learn more about different IBC containers available on the market. Another important consideration is the chance to maneuver, handle and stack them based on your preferences. You can easily pick them up and move from point A to point B by using a forklift or pallet jack.

The main idea is that you can stack them stably and securely on top of one another, which will provide you with more efficient storage than other options you can use. As a result, warehouse employees can enjoy additional safety, efficiency, and convenience while handling the IBC tanks, which makes them highly appealing.

3.     Reusable

You can reuse the inner portion of the IBC tank after washing it completely by using a specific system. For instance, you can take advantage of Air Sea options that can undergo professional reconditioning, meaning professionals will clean it by using deep cleansing processes to remove any residue from previous materials.

That way, you can enjoy additional cost savings while ensuring environmental friendliness and sustainability in your business. Of course, you should remember that when shipping beverages or food items, you must use a new tote instead of reconditioning due to safety concerns.

4.     Durability

IBC tote bottles come from HDPE, which is lightweight, sturdy, and rigid plastic used for numerous shipping materials and other purposes. It can stand the test of time and weather conditions, while it is lighter than other options, which makes it simple to transport and handle.

Generally, HDPE is watertight, meaning it can prevent dangerous leaks from happening while in transit. At the same time, it is the safest option for food storage, especially if you wish to place it inside dairy or water products.

5.     Reduce Product Waste

It is vital to remember that product waste requires proper assessment, which can be expensive. Therefore, most businesses wish to reduce waste to a minimum, meaning using IBC tanks can help you reduce the waste percentage altogether.

Shipping drums and other common methods are not as convenient due to the simplicity of storing and draining, meaning the products will remain inside without any additional hassle. IBC containers are simple to clean after using them for a specific purpose, meaning you can retrieve the insides for reuse.

That way, you can prevent further expenses while stretching the investment further away and take advantage of a sustainable business model that will help you boost brand recognition.

Final Word

You should remember that most IBC tanks feature reconditioning systems, meaning you can clean and dry them for reuse. Some options feature automated systems, meaning the first one will rinse and wash the insides, while the next one will dry everything.

That way, you can prevent further expenses while ensuring that you can take advantage of the investment you made. It is as simple as that.

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