How do you choose the right wood for a Dining Table in Singapore?

Do you want the feeling of coziness and opulence in your condo during meal times? Do you want a large dining table that will accommodate the whole family, including visiting guests? Both ways, meals bring families together, and if they can sit around a single large table, the vibe even gets stronger. That is why you should visit to get that fully customized dining table that reflects your taste. Moreover, you’ll need a dining table that matches your needs and preferences.

There are many options that you could go for inasmuch as tabletops are concerned. Whichever option you choose, it should reflect the value of what it costs you. Most importantly, it must complement your home’s décor.  So, what are the top picks that you could go with? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Oak

The oak should immediately cross your mind once you start thinking about hardwood’s durability when it comes to home furniture. If you want to add a depiction of immortality and opulence to your dining space, an oak tabletop sounds like an ideal solution. Oak color resembles golden-orange, which makes it plainly irresistible in terms of beauty and attractiveness. It is also important to note that oak table tops are dense, hence will stay in exact positions unless they are moved with equally stronger manpower. The best thing is that it is one of the most affordable types of hardwood.

  • Mahogany

If you want a dining room that oozes the ambiance of royalty, a mahogany quality custom made dining table set in Singapore sounds like your type. Mahogany wood is timeless and never depreciates in value. That means that your family will enjoy a tabletop that will last for ages without fading or any signs of feebleness. Mahogany wood comes in varying colors, including reddish-brown and pale pink. This type of wood is prevalent in Mexico and South American regions.

  • Maple

Maple is the type of tabletop wood that you go for if you want a contemporary look in your living room. Maple’s grain stands out, regardless of whether you go with the brown soft option or the hard one. In fact, this creates variety for buyers who would want a taste of Maple at varied prices. The best thing is that buyers can even go for a combination of both soft and hard maple if they want an optimally light tabletop and of durable quality.

  • Walnut

Lastly, if you want a tabletop that embodies big statements and lavishness, Walnut sounds like a good plan for your dining room. It is important to note that Walnut’s grain stands out thanks to contrasting color variations that aren’t only beautiful but also fascinating. You are looking at a wood type that is timeless and will blend well with any contemporary furniture. However, it is important to note that it might be costly compared to other hardwood types, such as maple.

The above options give you the best choices that reflect the value of what you’ll spend on renovation. Remember, each of them will bring longevity and durability to your living room.

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