Commercial Property Restoration Planning Stage Checklist

Commercial property restoration engages the remodeling of building structures that usually have retail spaces, offices, and other commercial businesses that demands a buying and renting of space. The primary motive behind a commercial property restoration is to thrive in the current space, enhance the property value and also increase sales. PureOne Services Atlanta service provider can restore commercial buildings catering to the requirements of the clients.

The planning stage is the key

A well-documented checklist is followed to ensure the project completes hassle-free. The planning stage is the most important step while initiating a commercial building restoration. The stage involves careful planning of the details of the projects, estimating a practical budget, and then hiring contractors for smooth and professional functioning.

Building and neighborhood assessment

When a property is restored and renovated, it is necessary to give the entire building a thorough assessment. The surrounding areas should be walked through as well. This gives an idea of the space that needs to be restored and also allows for taking notes of any urgent problems that need solutions.

As the building is examined, it helps the expert to analyze the impact on the appearance and feel of the entire space and neighborhood with restoration changes. This is also the stage where it is recommended to learn about building codes so that there are no violations as they can be expensive.

Estimating a budget

Once it is clear which part or how much of the commercial property demands a restoration, it is time to create a budget and make an estimation. The estimated budget must include the expenses of the material costs, wages of the employees, and special experts involved, sudden design change, a projected time, and so on. All these factors play a significant role in creating a practical budget for a commercial project restoration.

It is suggested that a detailed, well-planned budget is created. This will help in reducing the hassle of creating a budget over and over again. This is especially true for large-scale commercial building restoration projects which involve multiple aspects. Thus, it is better to have a thorough cost analysis and quotes from PureOne Services Atlanta project designers and contractors.

Contractor recruiting

When the hiring process is considered, it is suggested that commercial remodeling contractors are hired instead of general contractors. This is because the remodeling contractors specialize in reconstructing commercial properties and have a better understanding of the depth of the project. Moreover, they are more successful than general contractors in completing reconstruction projects.

The contractor is accountable for a myriad of tasks, starting from acquiring permits for buildings, to looking after purchasing supplies. Henceforth, it is vital to select the right remodeling contractor. The qualities to consider in a contractor while hiring are as follows:

  •   Insurance and license
  •   Practical cost estimation
  •   Experience in remodeling construction projects
  •   Good work records
  •   A good team


Reconstructing and renovating a commercial property is challenging and time-consuming. The timeframe depends on the size and scope of the project ranging from a few days to months. The planning stage is the most important phase in such projects and PureOne Services Atlanta service providers have years of experience in the field.

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