Are Verandas A Must-Have Home Improvement Project?

Home improvement projects are always some of the most stressful yet satisfying activities you can engage in and reap lucrative benefits from in the form of home appreciation and increased comfort. And, while everyone’s craft and personal touch for home creativity greatly vary, there’s no homeowner in this world that wouldn’t get a kick out of dabbling in some interior design, landscaping, and everything else where they can express their creative imagination and realize it onto their house.

However, we’ve seen the vast majority of homeowners focus too much on the interior and leaving the exterior of the house unattended, creating some associative imbalance. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with improving the inside, but it’s not often the most economically beneficial project. So, today we’d like to introduce to you the veranda, a beautiful open-air porch that surrounds a house, and whether it’s a project that could potentially give your home’s exterior the uplift it needs.

What Are The Benefits?

Although it may seem simple just reading it off from definition, there’s a lot of benefits you can take away from investing and extending your home outward with an aesthetically pleasing veranda. Of course, it is by no means life-changing, but it can definitely bring out a beauty in your home that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

  • Extends Living Space: Firstly, building a veranda extends the living space of your house and gives you an extra area for relaxation and taking in the beautiful scenery of the neighborhood. In fact, you can take it upon yourself to add a miniature garden that you can put on for full display or use the space as a temporary escape from the needless stress you face every day. Plus, it creates the feeling that your home is much larger than it is and can effectively increase your property’s value.
  • Improves Curb Appeal: Secondly, most traditional homes and older properties that have yet to be renovated often feature very bland or repetitive exteriors. As a result, most homes often score very low in terms of curb appeal because there’s nothing that helps them stand out or that piques anyone’s interest. However, building a veranda surpasses this problem and makes your house look ten times better and more welcoming.
  • Perfect For Design Enthusiasts: Lastly, if you’ve been itching to design and test out new motifs in your home but don’t have the space to accommodate your wishes, then adding a veranda will be the perfect project for you. To design an exterior and outdoor part of a home is much different from interior design, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to flex and experiment with different looks.

Essential Design Choices To Consider

Likewise, much like any design endeavor, there are many essential principles and choices that you’ll often pick and choose between before making any concrete decisions as per the final layout. And, to help alleviate any untoward issue when you plan to build your own veranda, here are some essential design choices you might want to consider first.

#1 With Or Without Railings

Typically, traditional style homes will look best with verandas that feature railings because they create a more warm and welcoming aura to them. In fact, they become necessary if you choose to elevate your veranda from the ground to guarantee your safety and the rest of the household. However, if you prefer a more modern or postmodern aesthetic, then adding railings will work to your disadvantage. In this case, we would strongly recommend opting for no railings and keeping your veranda on the ground as opposed to elevation.

#2 Outdoor Seating & Furniture

Outdoor seating and furniture are a staple in any exterior of a home, and that principle goes extra for the veranda because it functions as an external living space. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend maintaining a specific motif that remains consistent inside and outside of the house to help transition between the spaces much easier. However, if your veranda can’t afford a huge amount of space, guarantee at least one or two chairs to make it appear more lively.

#3 Plain Vs. Extravagant

In terms of decor, there’s a huge split between a plain look vs. a more extravagant appeal. Needless to say, both sides have their compelling arguments, and it all boils down to personal preference. You could highlight your veranda with sheet metal decor for a more contemporary design or opt for more plants and greens to capture the essence of nature; both options are equally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Start Your First Large-Scale Home Improvement Project

In conclusion, verandas make great home improvement projects, and you’ll have plenty of fun working around your home. Of course, you’ll need quite the budget if you have anything specific in mind, so be ready with a more generous budget than your typical interior work.


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