The Top Four Factors You Shouldn’t Forget when Choosing an Accent Chair

There are indeed a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect accent chair for any space – whether you are looking for an accent chair for your bedroom, your hallway or foyer, your living room, your dining area, your patio or den. Accent chairs can definitely liven up a space, or they can do the opposite – they can serve to make a space look too cluttered, or they can end up looking like they’re out of place. There are many considerations in choosing an accent chair, including its location, its functionality and practicality, and the mood you want to impart for the particular area where it will be placed. But there are other factors in choosing an accent chair which you shouldn’t forget, either. What are these factors, then? Here are the top four factors you shouldn’t forget when choosing an accent chair.

  1. The size

The accent chair you choose should be the only piece centre-stage, which means that you should avoid placing it in a space which is already too cluttered with other pieces. This will just detract from its purpose – to serve as an accent. When choosing the chair, make sure to measure the place where you are planning to put it; it wouldn’t do if it’s not the right fit for the space, of course. Consider the space around the chair as well; people should be able to move comfortably around it and ease into it without any problem.

  1. The style

Another main consideration for accent chairs is the style. And there are definitely a lot of styles out there! When choosing the style of the accent chair, there really is no set rule for it. You can essentially mix and match as you see fit; it even adds to the personality of a room if you can incorporate another element into it. But there is a thin line between choosing a bold chair and choosing one which is too garish or ostentatious, so, more often than not, simplicity is key. Think about this as well: some pieces which are more on the traditional side can be quite large, and they will cover more floor area, so if you have a smaller space, look for iconic chairs which are simpler and more basic in style.

  1. The type

The type of chair you choose can also mean a lot, especially when it comes to the impact or statement you would like to make. There are different styles, but if you want your accent chair to exude and emphasise comfort, look for a chair with a padded cushion or seat. You can also go for a wing-back accent chair if you want your space to have a more traditional feel. If you want something cosier and more comfortable, you can opt for a chair with arms (padded arms are a good choice).

  1. The fabric

Yet another consideration you shouldn’t forget is the fabric of the accent chair. If you go for a chair with fabric or upholstery, think about its functionality and features. A chair in a highly-decorative pattern will catch the eye, but it may not be the best choice for a dining area where there is a risk of stains. In the same vein, you may want to avoid chairs with leather fabric or suede fabric if you have any pets or children. At the end of the day, choose fabric based on form and function, and if you want a more minimalistic appeal, you can always go for a modern chair without any.

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