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How To Make a Positive Impact On The Environment With Your Landscaping

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A more nuanced understanding of the climate, our contribution to it, and the small changes we can make as people has impacted the way many homeowners focus on design for their property. Gone are traditional notions of the perfectly plain landscaped lawn, which mainly focused on thick and heavily seeded grass with non-native flowers in the landscaping. Not only did these lawns require heavy seeding during the year, but they also required consistent upkeep with constant mowing and expensive watering. These lawns lacked biodiversity, native plant life, and native pollinators for wildlife such as bees. As more people become aware of their contribution to a more ecologically sustainable world, traditional heavily seeded lawns lacking in any biodiversity are quickly going out of vogue. If you want to enjoy the benefits of biodiversity while saving money and time with lower maintenance, this article is for you.

Plan Out Your Conversion 

There are many different efforts for people looking to amp up their lawns and lean into a more biologically diverse landscape. By searching for leaf clean up Kent, you can find landscapers who can help you make your yard beautiful while still maintaining a low-maintenance and ecologically beneficial yard. Planning the conversion of lawn will help you maintain beautiful landscaping, introduce less common native plants, and make it possible for you to plan your landscape around the different activities you’ll enjoy at your home. This is the best option for people looking to keep their landscaping within local regulation guidelines while requiring less maintenance.

Go Rogue 

Many have started what is called a no-mow movement. With little to no planning or preparations, homeowners just stop mowing, watering, and seeding their laws. When you stop mowing and weeding your lawn, you’ll notice more plants, flowers, and wildlife native to your region. While this is an excellent idea for some homeowners just interested in a more ecologically diverse landscape, some HOA’s and city planning officials have rules against not mowing without landscaping. Make sure that you first talk to your city board and find out if there are any rules or regulations that you should be aware of.

Share Your Knowledge 

The benefits of introducing a more ecologically conscious landscape are ever expanding. As you learn more about your environment, the rules and regulations in your town, and the most beneficial native plants in your area, the best thing you can do to continue your impact on the environment is to share your knowledge and make it easier for other homeowners in your area to make


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