What You Can Do To Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a national holiday unlike any other, especially in Edmonton. Where many other holidays were designed to reflect on the past, Arbor Day was created to look towards the future and one of the key traditions of this holiday is planting trees to combat climate change and provide the earth with more oxygen. However, that’s not the only method to celebrate Arbor Day: this article will discuss ways in which you can ring in the Arbor Day spirit.


  1. Clean Up A Park

Whether you live in Edmonton or elsewhere, the outdoors is probably an extremely important factor in your life. Parks are crucial for giving children a safe place to play as well as helping the environment–especially if it’s a park in a city. Unfortunately, these parks see a lot of wear and tear throughout the year and people do not always treat them very well. Garbage is thrown on the ground instead of inside of bins, and trees can sometimes be defaced or just aren’t taken care of as well as they should. Putting together a team to spend the day at your local park and giving it the TLC that it deserves is an excellent way to spend Arbor Day. By making it a group effort, you can teach younger children the importance of taking care of the environment whilst allowing them time to play on the local playground in the park.

  1. Tree Removal In Your Yard

Sometimes too much foliage in your yard can be a bad thing. Overcrowding of trees can not only lead to potential disasters such as fire or a windstorm making the trees collapse, but it can also damage the environment. Tree removal can be a dangerous business, however, and thus finding a reputable company for this task is crucial. The last thing you want is the tree or trees falling on someone or damaging your home, so you want to make sure that you leave this job to the professionals who have the tools necessary to take care of the issue. Your best bet is to read some tips for taking care of your trees and find a company that has its ISA certification, as it means they have quality skills, knowledge, and experience for the tasks you need them to find.


  1. Plant Trees

An obvious way to celebrate Arbor’s Day is to plant more trees. However, make sure that you’re aware of what kind of tree is the best for planting in the area you desire. Certain trees require certain conditions – so make sure you talk to the experts before potentially wasting your time. There is a huge difference between coniferous and deciduous trees; you want a flowering tree or a tree that bears fruit. Don’t settle for anything less than your dream tree, check out an extensive list of options first.

Do It Together

Arbor Day is devoted to the future. Spending it with those who will be in that future ensures that the tradition continues and the environment remains protected for centuries to come. It’s an excellent lesson and cultivates connectivity in a splintered world.

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