What Exactly Can a Multi-Cooker Do?

There are always new and innovative gadgets and devices coming onto the market, and the multi-cooker is a kitchen appliance that simply does it all. As the name implies, a multi-cooker can do the job of several appliances, with the following features on most models.

  • Bake – You can make delicious biscuits, cakes, pastries and even casseroles with a multi-cooker, and if you are looking for a multi-cooker with different cooking modes, there are models with 14 (yes, 14) separate cooking modes that allow you to prepare and cook just about anything.


  • Boil – A multi-cooker will boil anything for a set amount of time, with rice, soup, and any liquid based foodstuff that needs to be boiled for any length of time. It is easy to preset the cooker to maintain a desired temperature for as long as you wish, and like a pressure cooker, the moisture in meats is retained, making for very delicious meals. You can select the time the food boils and then how long it is simmered for, giving you the opportunity to create perfect dishes.


  • Fry – Any foods that you would normally fry in a pan can be fried in a multi-cooker, whether it be French fries, sausages, breaded products and even chicken wings. The unit can be preset for a specific period of time, and when frying with a multi-cooker, you won’t get splashed with hot cooking oil.


  • Stew – The multi-cooker is the ideal appliance for that Irish stew, and once the contents have reached boiling point, you can program it to simmer for as long as you like, and as there is no evaporation, the stew retains all its flavour.


  • Steam – Ideal for fillet of fish or a dish of selected vegetables, the multi-cooker will help you to make steam puddings in a very short time. Anything that should be steamed can be inserted into the appliance, and after programming, the cooker will do the rest.


  • Roast – There’s nothing like well-roasted potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, and using a multi-cooker, you can be sure the potatoes will have the right amount of crispiness and will turn out to be enticingly brown. A joint of beef is no problem, and with a very slow cook and simmer, the meat will be tender and juicy.

The Importance of Quality

When shopping for a multi-cooker, it is advisable to stick with a brand that is well reviewed, such as Cuckoo, which really is designed to stand the test of time. Some of their models have 14 cooking modes, which really does give you some choices with settings, and with online suppliers, you are likely to find this brand at lower than retail prices. The inner surfaces are covered with non-stick fluorocarbon carbon, which lasts for many years, and can slow cook for up to 13 hours and keep food fresh and warm for up to 24 hours, which is ideal.

Rather than spending half a day searching the malls for multi-cookers, a simple Google search will bring up a list of online suppliers, and with so many makes and models, you can browse at your leisure, before finally settling on a unit, and with a secure online payment, your new multi-cooker will be with you in no time.


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