The Importance of Regular Septic Tank Draining

If your septic tank is not drained regularly, the wastewater can overflow around your property. This can cause damage and is a health hazard.

Regular septic tank draining can save you money, time, and headaches.


Regular septic tank draining Orlando, FL is the most cost-effective way to keep your home’s sewage system working correctly. It can save money by preventing sewer backups and helping your tank last longer.

A septic system is an underground tank where waste accumulates, including wastewater from sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and washing machines. It’s designed to allow a bacterial community to break down and digest the waste in the tank.

However, this process relies on microorganisms that aren’t always available. A septic system typically requires pumping out the sludge every few years and using additives to help bacteria thrive.

Some things you put down the drain can clog your tank and prevent it from working correctly, such as hygiene products, grease, oil, paper towels, hair, floss, diapers, coffee grounds, and cat litter. Ensure your family knows which items can’t go down the sink and pin a list up in your kitchen or bathroom.


A septic tank is an underground box where wastewater from your home is stored. It is a much more convenient sewage disposal method than municipal sewer lines.

When you use your sink or toilet, the water passes through a drain pipe into your septic tank. Natural bacteria work to break down the scum (top) layer and sludge (bottom) layer, which eventually settles into a partially clarified liquid.

Keeping your septic tank clean and properly maintained is essential for many reasons, not the least preventing raw sewage from backing up into your yard or house.

Regular septic tank draining is the best way to ensure your system continues functioning appropriately and efficiently, protecting your property, environment, family, and wallet. Getting a professional to inspect your septic tank regularly and pump it out on time is the key to preserving its health and longevity.

Saves You Time

A septic tank, a leach field or absorption tank, is an underground container that collects solid waste and scum from your wastewater. The waste settles to the bottom of the tank, forming a layer called sludge.

The sludge and scum are broken down by bacteria in the tank. A relatively clear liquid effluent is left over as the waste decomposes and is pumped into the drain field.

Keeping your septic system clean and running well saves you time in the long run. It also prevents property damage that can be expensive to repair.

If you notice that your sink or bath drains are slow, it is best to call a professional to have the septic tank emptied as soon as possible.

Overflowing septic tanks and drain fields can cause sewage to escape into nearby ponds or lakes, leading to algal blooms that are toxic to wildlife.

Prevents Damage

The biggest reason you should pump your septic tank regularly is to prevent damage. When a septic tank is overfilled with waste, it can return to your home. This is a severe health hazard and should be dealt with immediately.

Regular septic tank draining keeps solid waste from clogging your septic tank and the leach field (aka drain field). It also prevents hazardous liquids from sitting in the tank and polluting groundwater.

In addition, regular septic tank draining keeps the sludge and scum layers in your septic tank from building up. Sludge and scum are the byproducts of solid waste not broken down by a healthy, natural bacterial ecosystem in your septic system.

Using the proper techniques to protect your septic system from unnecessary damage will save you money in the long run. These include avoiding flushing paper towels, feminine products, and hair and chemical-based products that can disrupt the natural balance in your septic system.

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