How to Really Maximise the Space You have in Your Bathroom

If you’re one of the lucky ones and you have enough space in your bathroom to fit a double bed (hypothetically, of course), then kudos to you. But not all of us are that lucky, and although our bathrooms may not be that tiny, we still want to make sure the space available in our bathrooms is completely maximised. If you’re worried that your bathroom’s space will not be effectively and efficiently used, here’s how you can really maximise the space you have in your bathroom.

Install a toilet which is ‘hanging’

There’s a trend nowadays towards toilets which are ‘hanging,’ which means that the toilet is literally hung from the wall rather than installed on the floor. When you have a toilet which is wall-hung, this doesn’t occupy as much space as a traditional or standard floor toilet, and even if the space underneath the hanging toilet won’t really be used, your bathroom can still look more practical and the space you have can be maximised.

Do away with the bathtub

Whilst bathtubs are an attractive and useful element, if you really want to optimise the available space in your bathroom, it might be better to do away with it altogether. Baths, no matter how compact they are, will take up more space than a shower, and, truth be told, even the smaller, space-saving ones aren’t really that comfortable, either. What you can do is go for a shower area or enclosure – especially one which has floor to ceiling partitions made of glass, or frameless shower doors. A frameless shower enclosure is actually a great choice if you want to maximise space because there’s no door to hinder your movements – you can simply walk in and out of the shower area with ease.

Choose your fixtures wisely

If you really want to make sure the space is optimised, choose your fixtures wisely. It simply won’t do to have fixtures that are too big for the available space – and this is something that not many of us are even aware of or pay attention to. The proper scale is essential when it comes to your bathroom’s fixtures, so the smaller your bathroom, the smaller the fixtures should be. Sleek and minimally-designed bathroom fixtures work best.

Go for a floating vanity

Floating vanities are also all the rage nowadays, and they are inherently useful. Storage cabinets under a basin or sink can take up a lot of space, and they’re not that useful, anyway. A floating vanity doesn’t take up too much space and will actually contribute to a more open and uncluttered space, making your bathroom look cleaner and more organised as well.


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