Ways to Convince Your Friends to Join Your Environmental Protection Efforts 

It’s not easy telling your friends that you’re helping organizations dedicated to environmental protection. They will even laugh at you and say that you’re such a fake person. However, if you’re sincere in your actions and you want your friends to be of help, you need to keep convincing them. These are a few tips to guarantee that they will be a part of the movement.

Show your sincerity at home

You need to show your friends that you’re already doing the right steps at home. They won’t laugh at your efforts if they realize that you’re doing things correctly even if no one is watching. At home, you can initiate changes that can help promote environmental protection. Start by segregating trash through proper labeling of bins. You can also hire junk haulers if you want them to help you with waste disposal. The items in the recycling bin also need to get recycled or sold to recycling stations. Show how you’re doing things at home to inspire your friends also to do the same. You also have authority to talk about environmental protection because you’re already doing things right.

Talk about the organization 

Talking about environmental protection, in general, is vague and difficult to absorb. For some people, it’s not a good idea if you want to convince them to take part. Instead, you have to be more specific with your words. Talk about the organization that you’re planning to join or are currently a part of, and what the mission is. Your friends will find it easier to understand the process when they see concrete action.

Tell them to give it a try

Some people worry that if they volunteer for a cause, it becomes a lifetime commitment. Considering that they don’t know what the future holds, it’s difficult for them to make that kind of commitment. Therefore, it needs to be clear that you’re not asking for a long-term commitment. You can tell them that they select the programs they want to join during their free time. If they’re too busy or they don’t feel interested anymore, it’s their choice to leave.

Talk about how fun it is

When people think about environmental protection, it doesn’t sound appealing or even fun. However, when you look at it through a different lens, you might convince people to believe in you. Tell them that it’s not only an environmental protection organization but also about building relationships. You can also discuss how fun it is to organize events. In doing so, you create an atmosphere that many people would love to be a part of.

Never give up

It takes a while to convince even your closest friends to join. They will come up with several excuses to avoid you. They might even be willing to forgo your friendship just so they don’t need to volunteer. You have to give them time to think and avoid being too aggressive, but you can never give up.

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