5 New home improvement trends in smart home technology

The surging influx of tech novelties has revolutionized home improvement industry to an unprecedented scale. From tech-savvy home security tools to eco-friendly and DIY design alternatives, technology news is constantly surfacing new smart home improvement ventures. The industry that once stood as tradition, costly and time-consuming has become automated, cost-efficient and instantly gratifying. But this is simply the tip of the iceberg, here are 5 New home improvement trends in smart home technology.


  1. Home automation: Emergence of home improvement devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Cloud Cam, Lifx Color 1000, Ecobee4 and others have made home automation a thriving trend in the smart home industry. These devices have enabled a wireless control of every aspect of your home including house surveillance, regulating room temperature, changing lights and their colors, locking or unlocking doors, all with one single remote or even a voice command. The integration of these devices has not only improved the quality of living but also raised the bars of security for working professionals who are forced to leave their kids in the care of babysitters and caretakers.


  1. AI housekeeping: Robotics is slowly making its way into smart homes with housekeeping Maidbots like Rosie. Although the device is yet in its testing phase in hotels and other commercial spaces. Robotics will soon become a living reality of everyday household. Elon Musk is one of the many big entrepreneurs who see the relevance of robotics in housekeeping and is set on building robots that can do housework, have conversations and play games. Besides Musk, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is also intrigued by housekeeping robots and built one for his own house to help out around the house, change the music, control the lights or even make him some toast. The AI robot is named after Iron Man robot, Jarvis.


  1. Lower ecological footprint: With the dropping average size of the family home, home improvement industry is witnessing an upsurge of smaller houses that employ creative space utilization. Trends like the“tiny house movement,” is gaining mass popularity downsizing a house of 2600 square feet to a home that is 100-400 square feet.  Recycling and eco-friendly trends like solar roofing, reverse cycle air conditioning, water conservation systems, rooftop gardens and others are gaining more and more popularity in the home improvement industry. Mobile apps like Sustain Me are empowering people with the needed information to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling batteries, meat containers, plastic bags and other items.


  1. Mobile home deliveries: While we all know that e-commerce apps like Amazon have revolutionized the retail industry, mobile apps are extending their roots into home improvement From accessing handymen like painters, plumbers, pest control and others with apps like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor to in-home delivery services from Walmart and Amazon that employ smart locks and security cameras to deliver parcels into your house while you monitor the process remotely via an app. Amazon’s smart key is in conjunction with a new product from Amazon called Amazon Cloud Cam that offers remote access to guests and visitors without you having to leave a key under the doormat.

Social Media soliciting #HomeEnvy: Needless to say that social media has changed the face of the digital age with filters of influence and hashtags. From the way we eat and the way chef’s cook food to knowing what lamps reside in Kim Kardashian’s house, social media drives it all. Home improvement is also isn’t untouched by this digital movement. As a matter of fact, according to reports, “More than 28% of the homeowners we surveyed said they made at least one purchase for their home in the last 12 months based on what they’d seen on a friend’s social profile.” Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have opened new opportunities for Influencers, designers, DIY experts to showcase their home improvement tricks and trip, helping people make smart choices.

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