Different Fencing Types Which Is Right for Your Home

Different Fencing Types: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Choosing a fence for your home is as personal a decision as the color of exterior paint on the property, the shrubbery and landscaping that surround it, and all of the fixtures within.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of options to choose from with as many good reasons as bad for going with one type over another. In some instances, there will be necessities for going with one type of fence over another making the decision a little bit easier. In others, the selection process can take longer than you might think.

Homeowners looking for fence companies chesterfield will be well advised to factor price, functionality, and aesthetics into the decision. Installing a fence, particularly with certain materials, is no small endeavor. The fence you put in around your home is the one you’re going to want to see out the window for the long term.

So before you invest a substantial sum of money into this project, think about what you want your fence to accomplish. That’s the best place to start so you reach the best possible outcome for your home and your family.

Factors for Fencing

Think about why you want a fence. Is it for privacy? Security from the outside world? To keep children and pets in your own yard? These and other reasons are all valid ones for installing a fence. Sometimes it’s just a nice visual complement to the home while also achieving those other things in the process, even if they weren’t the primary reasons for installing your fence.

Give some thought to how much maintenance you want to perform on the fence as well. Some will require more upkeep than others. Therefore you’ll need to think about doing that work yourself or having it done for you…and the cost that might be part of it.

Once you’ve given some thought to all of these factors, then you can start weighing your options among these popular materials.

Wood Fencing

This is the material that most homeowners choose because it hits all the boxes at once. Privacy? Check. Security? Check. Aesthetic? Check. Is it strong and high enough to keep kids and pets from wandering off? Check. Affordability? Check.

Wood fencing is also incredibly durable enough to last for as long as you live in the home. This is a material that also provides plenty of versatility in that you can select certain types of wood for beauty and resilience.

PVC Fencing

When you’re looking for something that may not be as a stalwart against the outside world but still want a fence that’s affordable, looks great, and keeps the little ones from running into the street, then PVC is a great choice.

That’s because it’s inexpensive and it’s easy to install. Even better, the maintenance necessary is almost nil as PVC is resilient against the elements. Rain, snow, wind, hot sun, this material can take it. You may just want to wipe it down with a mild cleanser every so often so that your fence retains its best appearance.

Vinyl Fencing

The thing that’s really great about vinyl fencing is that you get the environmental resistance of PVC in a material that is stronger and sturdier to provide you with security and privacy. In fact, this material is probably one of the longest-lasting options on our list.

Vinyl also requires little to no routine maintenance. It’s extremely easy to clean and the range of available designs you can have any aesthetic you’d like to surround the property. But with all of these great advantages you should expect to pay a little more for the luxury. Vinyl fencing can get pricey depending on what you select and where you want it installed.

Wrought Iron Fencing
Wrought Iron Fencing

This material is full of pros and cons and the homeowner will need to decide which one weighs heavier on their decision towards going with wrought iron. On the plus side, these fences are typically custom jobs so you can have the exact appearance you prefer and they’re also extremely resilient.

On the negative side, this material needs nearly constant maintenance if you want to keep it from losing its luster and that work is not something you do in your spare time. It can also get very expensive to own, that goes for the material itself to install and the maintenance requirements.


If these other materials are too much fence for your home, go with an aluminum option. It’s the most low-key and low-maintenance option. Installation is even simple and you can paint the fence any color you wish.

But there are drawbacks. You won’t be enjoying the optimum security and durability against the elements that some of the other materials can provide.

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