Great Benefits of Quartz Worktops Every Homeowner Should Know

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? One of the effective ways to transform your kitchen is by replacing the kitchen worktops. Over the years, there have been several types of popular worktops. However, quartz worktops have passed the test of time as the best worktops for home kitchens. Here are the great benefits associated with quartz worktops in Ireland.

Strong and durable

This is the main reason why most homeowners prefer quartz worktops over other types of worktops. Quartz worktops are made of engineered quartz stones. These natural stones are very hard to break. Compared to other types of worktops, quartz is long-lasting and rarely breaks.

Do not fade

Quality quartz worktops are made of pure quartz stones. The engineered material used to make them is a combination of polymer resins and natural ground quartz. Each worktop has the natural look of quartz stones. As you know, stones do not fade regardless of light or change in weather. Once installed, these worktops will last for years without fading.

They are non-porous

Most stones are porous. However, there are stones that are more porous than others. Granite, for instance, is less porous compared to marble. The good thing about quartz is that it is 100% non-porous. The engineered quartz material undergoes a vigorous manufacturing process to deliver strong and non-porous worktops.

 They offer excellent designs

Quartz worktops are the best when you want to make a statement. Besides their natural look, these worktops are available in different shades and colours. As you shop for the best worktop, make sure that you choose a shade that will match your cabinets. You can check out the different designs based on colour and shade to determine the best for your kitchen. They may range from black to lime green. The designs may also be available in either a shiny or matt finish. These worktops are also available in tile and slab form.

Easy to maintain

We often forget to consider the cost of maintaining worktops. Some worktops such as wooden or marble worktops are cheap to install but very expensive to maintain. Some of the worktops require special detergent to wash and care for them. This is different when it comes to quartz worktops. These worktops are the easiest and cheapest to maintain. All you need is a piece of cloth and water to wipe away the dirt.

They are scratch resistant

Thanks to their natural-stone form, these worktops are scratch-resistant. You are not limited in any way by the kitchen chores you can do on these worktops.

Long-term investment

Once installed, these worktops will last for years with no repairs required. Quartz worktops are a great asset to your home. Moreover, the appeal of their uniqueness will never fade, regardless of time.

Add value to your home by choosing the best worktops on the market. Besides these advantages, these worktops are affordable. You can shop around to find the best-selling worktop supplier in your area. It is also advisable to involve a professional when installing. Transform your kitchen into a modern kitchen by installing the best worktops.



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