Different Basement Heating Options to Consider

For any home with a finished basement, making that area livable by providing warm comfortable heat is really a must. Otherwise you may find that no one is spending much time in that part of the house because it’s simply too chilly down there.

This can be especially true if you live in a colder region of the country where the chill can permeate and make the downstairs feel as if you’ve stepped outside into the cold. ThinkHeat has some solutions for that problem.

If you’re planning on turning your basement into a commonly utilized extension of the home, here are just a few of the many choices that are available to provide warmth in your basement without burning a hole in your pocket by way of installation and operating costs.

Electric Heating

There are many different shapes, sizes, and models of electric heaters. As you may have guessed, these units plug into an electrical outlet and utilize a heating coil that produces warmth when they are operating.

Depending on the size of the space you’re trying to heat, you will need to choose the size and warming circumference carefully. A unit too small in a room too big and you won’t get too much of a result. Chances are you’ll need to sit directly in front of the heater to feel the effects.

Some electric heaters will also employ water or oil as a way to produce enough heat by way of a convection process. These versions may take a lengthier period of time to heat the room but they can be effective nonetheless.

Chimney Heating

A fireplace is a great addition to any room and your finished basement is no exception. Whether you decide to go with an electric or gas version or the more traditional route of burning wood logs, a fireplace can heat things up nicely.

Putting in a fireplace may be the most cost-effective options out there but you will need to make sure there is access to a chimney down there. Without it, installation of a fireplace could be a rather costly affair.

In lieu of a fireplace but reliant upon a chimney nonetheless, a wood burning stove is another great option for providing heating your basement in the most cost-effective manner.

What’s also great about a wood burning stove is that it can act as a source of heat for comfort and food preparation in the event the power is ever out in your home and your stove and oven are electrical based.

Baseboard Heating

This option also relies on electricity but instead of plugging them into an outlet, these are installed permanently and run off the electrical system of the home by way of a thermostat.

Since they are so low to the ground, the heat they emanate rises up from the floor and becomes even distributed by way of the natural expansion of heated air in the room.

There are baseboard heaters for any basement and they are a smart and economical option for basements of all shapes and sizes.



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