All About Air Tools Around The Home

Every homeowner has a set of tools to help fix one or two things in the home. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you probably have a tool kit with a few devices to help you fix a broken faucet or drill a loose nut on a chair. If you need to add to your gear, air tools from NGC will sort you with high-quality home-based ideas.

What are air tools?

Air tools are working equipment powered by compressed air. They’re also known as pneumatic tools. A well-known air tool is a jackhammer used for drilling holes on the tarmac. Air tools are familiar tools with technicians and professional contractors. However, as more people appreciate different home roles, more individuals invest in a few air tools.

Air tools are portable and easy to use because they’re lightweight. Air tools can help to speed up drilling, painting, and sanding. They are handy tools for remote locations where technicians are hard to come by, or power access is challenging.

Examples of air tools

  • Air-powered drill
  • Pneumatic socket wrench
  • Pneumatic sander
  • Pneumatic grease gun
  • Brad nailer
  • Framing nailer
  • Pneumatic speed saw
  • Air-powered hammer
  • Air-powered drill

Air drills are the most preferred home improvement tools because they allow tasks to be completed fast. You can get a screw drilled faster and more easily if you have a pneumatic tool. The air drill is a timely home tool to help get results fast.

The air-powered drill has an ergonomic handle to ensure a firm grip when working for long hours. It is also a durable drill that will serve you for many years because of the ball-bearing construction. Additionally, it is designed to reduce vibration cycles, prolonging its service life.

  • Pneumatic sander

Sanding away a surface can be a tedious task. Your hands get tired, dusty and itchy because of the continuous friction. However, if you have a pneumatic sander, you’ll enjoy your quick fixes and accomplish so much within a short time. You’ll be able to get that surface smooth and easy to work on because you invested in a pneumatic sander.

Pneumatic socket wrench

Every homeowner should endeavor to own a pneumatic socket wrench. It is a handy tool to help you work on several things. It helps to fix those screws where needed in minutes. The traditional manual socket wrench is a useful tool, but a pneumatic one guarantees faster results.

  • Pneumatic grease gun

Grease application can be a messy task. Owning a pneumatic grease gun allows you to control the flow of the lubricant easily and neatly. It comes with a reliable pump that maintains grease flow, allowing you to work fast and steadily.

  • Pneumatic staple gun

An air staple gun is used to join board panels for upholstery. It allows you to work quickly and steadily. It has safety features to keep accidents at bay while you work.

 A technical takeaway tip

Air tools are essential devices that allow you to accomplish home improvement tasks fast and efficiently. Invest in basic tools and see your tool kit grow. You don’t have to sweat it out; let pneumatic tools do it.

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