The Safety Dad’s Guide to Babyproofing Your Home

Taking care of a baby is an exciting and challenging perhaps in equal measure. As the baby develops and becomes more active, it can be one hell of a job to keep them in control. Most parents will agree it becomes even more difficult to look after a kid once they begin to crawl and venture around independently.

In one minute, an active toddler would be busy playing in the designated play area and before you know it, s/he is out of sight. Gone where? It could right into the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else with the door left unattended. And that is a real cause of concern. Why? Babies in their explorations remain oblivious of dangers they might be exposed to and so they just get into everything care-free.

Needless to say, thinking of strategies to keep your baby safe at home can be overwhelming. However, just by introducing simple interventions, you can make you home safe and secure for the junior member of the family.

Whether you are expecting a baby in a few weeks or yours is already home, here are some tips to make your home baby proof:

  • Keep potential safety hazard out of reach

If your baby cannot access any risky items, the possibility of injuries or accidents falls back to zero. You need to make sure any safety threats are out of their way. You can store such accessories under lock and key. Better yet, consider storing items on elevated platforms.

  • Block pathways to off-limit spaces

Your home could have been designed and furnished with children in mind. However, given the oblivious nature of toddlers venturing into some rooms unaccompanied could lead to accidents. Take for example, a kid getting to the kitchen with cutlery lying all over. You can imagine how bad it can get. To ensure safety around the house consider introducing measures that limit areas your baby can access. Specifically, you can introduce baby proof door or safety latches as necessary.

  • Install toddler gates

Kids are generally curious explorers and can crawl into any space when least expected. One common cause of concern once the baby begins to move around independently is the stairs. Given their tender age, babies lack the competence to navigate the stairs. Any attempt to scale up or down could lead to a nasty fall hence injuries. To avoid such, consider installing safety gates on either end of the stairs.

  • Baby proof the windows

Looking at your windows, they might appear harmless. Well, that remains so only if your baby does not get near any window. A kid can easily fall from an open window or even suffer cuts from broken glass. To avoid any window-related accidents, consider preventing access to the windows. Consider installing window guards, glass protective film, or even window stops. If you can afford an infant alarm to alert you in case the baby gets near the window- the better.

  • Secure electrical cords and outlets

In modern homes, electrical cords and sockets are a constant in almost every room. Although they quite useful, they can be as dangerous when left on the baby’s way. In short, your babyproofing efforts won’t be complete without ensuring the cords are out of sight and outlets secured off from toddler access.

Final thoughts

There’s so much more any super dad can do to keep his home baby-friendly. From eliminating potential strangulation and choking hazards to introducing mechanisms to prevent injuries and falls- baby proofing never stops. Immediately the due date lingers near, it is important to swing into action right away.

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