How to Spot And Remove Pool Stains

Is your pool stained? When the surface of your pool develops stains, it can ruin the look of your paradise, and make your swimming pool less inviting. Do you know why it’s getting spots? Do you know how to get rid of them?

Stains in your pool are generally metallic or organic, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You might see green, brown, blue, or white stains. None of these colors sound appealing. Don’t worry, in this article, we will go over how to spot and remove pool stains.

  • Organic stains come from things like leaves, berries, algae, worms, and dead bugs and animals. When you don’t remove these things quickly, they sink and begin to decompose. They’re usually green, brown, or blue, and not difficult to remove. If you think you’re seeing an organic stain, a small amount of chlorine put directly on it should dissolve it enough to be removed with a soft-headed brush.
  • If organic stains are more difficult, try a shock treatment with enzymes, and use a harder brush to remove the stains. This will quickly rid your pool of green spots, and using an enzyme-based cleaner can often eliminate organic stains before you scrub. What’s more, natural enzymes help break down organic compounds and oils by accelerating chemical reactions. You’ll still want to scrub thoroughly to remove any remaining residues and oils. You can also shock the pool with chlorine, testing the water to make sure the pH and alkalinity levels are correct.
  • Metallic stains get into your pool’s surface from corroded copper pipes or water wells, and sometimes from a rusting ladder. The types of metals likely to stain a pool: rust, manganese, iron, and copper. Copper causes blue, green, teal, black, or dark purple stains, while iron leaves rusty brown, gray, or green, or brown spots. Manganese creates pink or dark brown spots, and calcium manifests as white crystals. The best solution for metallic stains is to prevent them by maintaining proper pH and scrubbing the pool often. If you do have these stains though, they can be removed with muriatic acid and a brush or the circulation of ascorbic acid through the pool water for 30 minutes.

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