How Hybrid HVAC Save You on Money

Hybrid HVAC units are a growing thing in the heating and air business. While they are a bit more costly to get installed than regular heating and airing units the rewards come back to you every month in your cost in heating and airing bills saving you roughly 30 to 50% a year. You may ask, but how? Let’s look deeper into how these hybrid HVAC’s work.

Dual Fuel Heating

Unlike regular HVAC units, a Hybrid unit operates on the same concept as hybrid cars that are called dual fueling. Duel fueling means there are two types of energy used to power the unit. Those two energies are normally electric and gas, with the gas option being either natural gas, propane, or fuel oil.

How It Works

Using the latest in smart technology these hybrid HVAC units are programmed with the ability to choose which fuel type to use and which one would be most efficient to use depending on the temperature outside/inside or the season of the year.  Hybrid HVAC’s use an electric heat pumping system to heat and cool drawing warm air out to cool for the summer, then when it gets colder draws warm in to keep you comfortably warm. If temperatures get colder say 40 degrees or below the hybrid HVACs then have the smarts to switch over to gas fuel, which of course would be more efficient to use in this heating situation. This is thanks to its variety of motor speeds so it can adjust to just the right amount of airspeed to suit your human comfort.  In some models, you may be given the option to override this and be in full control of the fuel source. Otherwise, these eco-friendly heating systems do it all automatically by themselves thus creating peace of mind and comfort no matter what the season.

How They Save Money

So, how exactly do they save you money?

  • A built-in dehumidifier saves you from buying a separate one.
  • Their ability to switch from heating pump to furnace depending on which one would be energy efferent saves not only energy but on your energy bill every month. Ka-ching!

Energy Saving and Eco Friendly

Hybrid HVAC systems can do more than save you money. They are quite eco-friendly, too thanks to the less energy they use than their counterparts. This reduction in energy consumption reduces some of the carbon footprinting we leave behind on this earth to bettering our planet and environment.

Questions? Contact your local Denver heating company and inquire about the possibility of improving your home’s heating systems.


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