How To Choose the Right Air Compressor For You

If you’re a DIYer, you know the importance of using high-quality tools and equipment. While most DIYers sing praises of electric drills and handsaws, many overlook the benefits of having an air compressor on hand. Air compressors take air from the surroundings, compress it and store it in a high-pressure chamber. They’re used to power a wide range of air tools and enable DIYers to complete projects more quickly and with lower energy consumption.

Purchasing an air compressor is a great step if you’re taking on multiple long-term projects, but you can also consider air compressor rentals Jacksonville FL. Choosing an air compressor to buy or rent can seem intimidating. Breaking down the options, however, removes the mystery from the process.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage?

A single-stage air compressor contains one piston that compresses air. The device’s engine drives the piston to channel the compressed air into a storage chamber. The more air that the piston compresses and stores, the higher the pressure. The compressor stops this process once the pressure reaches a certain level and restarts it once you power up the machine and begin to expel the stored air. Single-stage compressors are great options for a wide range of home projects.

If you plan to use your air compressors for long periods of time or to run several tools at once, a two-stage air compressor might be a better fit. After one piston compresses the air, a second piston repeats the process. The double compression of two-stage devices provides the degree of power required for commercial or heavy-duty use.

Electric or Gas?

Air Compressor engines run on electricity or gasoline. Each option has its own set of advantages. Electric air compressors produce less noise and are easier to maintain. These machines can operate in any dry space with an electric power source, and you can run them without worrying about ventilating your workspace.

Gas air compressors, on the other hand, provide more flexibility in how and where you run them. These devices are ideal for outdoor use when electricity is not easily available. Since gas compressors don’t require a power cord, they allow a greater range of motion. Unlike electric compressors, these machines can run in damp conditions. They also offer greater horsepower.

Before choosing an air compressor, take account of your workspace and project needs. Will you need to run power tools outdoors without sources of electricity? Do your tasks require multiple power tools to be used simultaneously? Once you know the options, it’s easy to find the right air compressor for you.

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