The Main Features and Benefits of French Doors

When it comes to style, class, and high functionality, is there anything like a beautiful French patio door installation to give your home a design boost? If you’re in the market to buy french doors, you’re probably already well aware of the many benefits of the style, including better security and high year-round energy efficiency. But if you’re looking for a great way to beautify your patio or open up your connecting outdoor space, there are a ton of reasons to start considering french doors for your home’s new look. Not only are they beautiful and classic for any home style, they can end up protecting your home and saving you a ton of money on bills by the end of the year. No matter what your taste or how you want your home to look, there’s a pair of french doors for any homeowner interested in making a beautiful, timeless statement. Here are just a few of the reasons to purchase french doors for your patio.

Swinging Panels for a Seamless Transition

When designing a space with both an indoor and outdoor component, think of French doors as the perfect combination between a window and a door. You have the sun-filled interior allowed by a floor-to-ceiling window, joined with a perfect entryway to the outdoors. This works best for homeowners who have a first-floor common area that opens onto a larger outdoor space like a patio or garden. If you’re trying to create more of a visual dialogue between the indoor and outdoor portion of your house, french doors are the best way to do it. The two swinging doors can open and close in either direction, offering an easy and effective way to walk easily between spaces without inviting the more unpleasant parts of the outdoors, such as pests and allergens, into your home. You can also customize your french doors to stay in a stable position if you prefer increased privacy or a more solid barrier from the outdoors.

Better Locks for Increased Security


French doors aren’t just built to provide a beautiful, light-filled entryway into the garden or patio: They’re built with heightened security in mind. Next to casement windows, the structure of french doors, which lock from the inside, is one of the hardest windows to break into. Not only does the inside lock make a french door set nearly impossible to jimmy from the outside, a more violent break-in attempt would involve broken glass and would easily set off an alarm. You can install both locks and hinges on your french doors for added security, as well as hooking up motion sensor lights to make sure your doors are protected at all times. If you’re a stickler for security, you can also install special window bars that will make your doors impossible to kick in from the outside, as well as deadbolt locks and three-point systems.

Efficient Design for Lower Bills


Much like a traditional double-hung window, french doors use grilles to break up the central window into sections, creating a visually stunning look that opens out onto your deck, garden or patio. These doors also tend to be built with energy efficiency in mind, prioritizing durable, thick glass panes and no overlapping areas that could allow for stray gusts of wind or dirt buildup. While many homeowners are eager to find a solution to the problem of a closed-off indoor area next to a vibrant outdoor space, few imagine that installing french doors will actually help them saving money on heating and cooling bills. Don’t be fooled by appearances: French doors are built to withstand the most powerful gusts and to protect homeowners from the sun’s glare.

The Perfect Shape for Wall Replacement

If you live in a home with a beautiful communal space sitting adjacent to your kitchen or living room, it’s only natural that you’ll want to take advantage of that space. Opening up your home to create a larger, more expansive area that’s connected to the outdoors won’t just make your home look great: It will help increase curb value and create a space that’s much more conducive to entertaining and enjoying summer nights without risking security. French doors are built to be a perfect stand-in for a wall or large fixed window. Because of this, they’re the perfect replacement for an unnecessary blockage between the two best entertaining spaces your home has to offer. If you’re trying to find a way to open up your home, create a more light-filled kitchen, and entertain in style, french doors is the obvious choice.


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