How to Get Rid of Rabbits Naturally

A number of natural repellents for rabbits will scare them off. Red pepper and sulfur are highly repulsive, so you can sprinkle them around your lawn and shrubs to deter them from visiting. Human hair, which resembles grass, is also very effective in scaring away rabbits, as it makes them stop hopping on your lawn. Natural rabbit repellents can be found in your backyard. To keep rabbits at bay, sprinkle sulfur or plain talcum powder on your plants. So how to get rid of rabbits? You can make your rabbit removal home remedies to spray on your plants. It is also a safe and humane trap that can help you get rid of rabbits safely and effectively.

Natural Repellents

You can create your repellent by mixing dish soap with water in a milk jug. Shake it thoroughly, and then leave it to rest for several hours. It will concentrate and become fully flavored. Once the mixture has rested, you can apply it to the plants and flowers your rabbits are most likely to attack. You can also use the repellent to protect pathways, ground cover, and caves.

Many natural repellents can help you eliminate bunnies without destroying your landscaping. You can even spray garlic odor on your plants to make them less palatable to rabbits. However, you will have to reapply the repellents after heavy rain. Depending on your situation, repellent sprays can be only effective if the rabbits are not yet used to eating the plants in your yard.

Humane Traps

If your home is infested with rabbits, you may consider using humane traps to get rid of them. However, these traps may not be entirely humane, so you should be sure to check local laws before using these methods. Using a humane trap will ensure the rabbits do not end up in the trap’s bait. Additionally, humane traps are the most humane way to get rid of rabbits because they will never hurt the animal.

Putting up a fence is an effective way to keep rabbits out of your yard. To do this, you should dig a trench at least six to ten inches below the ground and line it with chicken wire. Please ensure the fence is tall enough so rabbits cannot climb over it. If the rabbits are not in your yard, you can use a chicken wire fence, but make sure that the rabbits are gone first.


Rabbits are easy to eliminate if you know how to use scarecrows to attract them away from your yard. However, if you cannot scare the rabbits away, you can always purchase predator dummies as a decoy. These predator dummies are made to resemble real predators, including falcons and hawks. Using these dummies can keep rabbits from entering your yard, thus ensuring your garden remains rabbit-free.

In addition to attracting other animals, rabbits can be kept out of your garden by installing a scarecrow. These creatures are very skittish so they can get scared easily. A scarecrow is designed to scare away crows from your garden, so it will also scare away rabbits from your yard. Scarecrows can be a great option for deterring rabbits. They work because they are large, so they can scare off the rabbits that come into your yard.


The most effective way to get rid of rabbits is to use fresh or dried onions. The smell of onions is unmistakable, but they also repel deer and rabbits. You can also try simmering onions, garlic, and peppers in water. Once soft, they can be sprinkled around your garden to deter the rabbits from grazing there. Then, wait for them to leave.

Using red pepper and sulfur to repel the rabbits is another natural way to keep them out of your garden. You can sprinkle red pepper and sulfur around your flowers, shrubs, and lawns. You can also sprinkle human hair around your garden. It will resemble grass and make rabbits stop hopping over it. After a while, they will start thinking the hair is not food and stop coming in.

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