The Best Ornamental Trees for a Beautiful Yard

The south is a lovely place to be in the spring and fall. The trees are laden with delicate and fragrant blooms from early spring to May. Then in fall, they put on a show again with their brilliant fall foliage. If you are wondering which trees to plant for a colorful yard, try some of these suggestions from your tree service company Alpharetta GA.

Spring Flowers


The flowering dogwood is the perfect tree to give interest all year long. It produces delicate, pink or white four-petal flowers in the spring, then it keeps lovely foliage for shade in the summer. It can get quite tall, growing up to 35 feet with a crown wider than it is tall. It also comes with an interesting legend


One of the first signs of spring is the blossoms of the redbud tree. The blooms are among the brightest spring colors with an intense pink or fuchsia color that can be seen for a distance. It is a spectacle to behold, as the spring flowers cover every part of the tree before the leaves come back.

Carolina Silverbell

Another tall tree growing up to 40 feet tall is the Carolina Silverbell. As the name suggests, it produces clusters of white flowers in the shape of bells.

Fall Color

Red Maple

Maple trees are the undeniable fall superstars with their intensely colored foliage. From apricot to burnt orange, the leaves invite Sunday drives through the country just to see the colors. They are available in a variety of sizes, perfect for any yard.

Sweet Birch

Sweet Birch trees offer many uses. They make wonderful shade trees, and their sap can be used to make sodas. Then in the fall, they have bright yellow fall foliage.


Katsura trees have heart-shaped leaves and grow in a pyramid shape. Their fall foliage smells spicy and adds a brilliant tangerine color to the landscape.

If you want to get more bang for your buck when you are planning your yard, look for ornamental trees. They can offer shade, flowers and color throughout the year.

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