Tricks and tips for hiding cords while TV mounting

Once you have settled up your new flat screened TV, the next thing for you will be to wall mount your TV and it can be trickier if you are a non-expert. Same day TV installation isn’t a tough task to do but you need to execute everything according to a plan. TV mounting is a good idea to save extra space on the floor and to provide you comfort and ease while you are watching the TV.

IWPE Wall mount

A TV well mounted provides a good look but if there are tangled wires around the TV, it can look so messy and spoils the nice look. The simplest and the easiest way which you can try is hiding those wires with a cord hider. This is a task easier to do with help of an IWPE that is in-wall power extension. You can either use a power bridge for help. The kit includes all the necessary tools and equipment which are required to power up the TV while you are hiding the wires.

You have another option too and that is to drop the cord inside the wall rather than exposing it but that is against the standards of NEC. So you can follow-up the legal rules by using a cord hider kit.

This is now a benefit that you don’t need to have extra HDMI ports for your TV but there could be the instances for you to add extra components in your Television. If you want to use extra HDMI cables, you can run them through the wall so that they can be used whenever you feel the need.

An IWPE is an extension cord that you can use for rating it to go on inside the wall. This is how you will be able to have an outlet at the back of your installed TV and same as that an inlet down to the floor. To provide the needed power to the kit, you just have to connect the wire with an existing outlet. This might be confusing but this actually works if you have understood it.

Before starting with the installation of your TV, you need to make sure that you use the low voltage cables for the in wall purpose.

The other thing which is equally important for you to know is that this IWPE kit has the fixed length of its cord which is normally in the range of 6-8 feet. You need to assure that you use the cord in a single stud spot and remember not to use them if you are mounting the TV above the fireplace. Once you know the complete details, you can start wall mounting your TV.

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