The Complications with AC Fans and the Solutions

High air temperature not only creates discomfort in the apartment, but also often interferes with the process of work and any other activity. That is why air conditioning is important both in offices and in residential areas. In hot weather, they are the only saviors. However, what to do if a breakdown occurred and the device stopped working? You can understand in several ways – self-repair or call the wizard.

The causes of breakdowns can be a large number, but you need to understand that the device has two parts – internal and external. Internal is in the room, external – on the street. When, for example, inside everything works fine, you can hear the sounds of switching on and fan-blowing, but the room is still not cooling – it means something has happened to the outdoor unit.

Often the whole problem is in the fan. This is an important detail that the ac fan not running and it is not so easy to find a replacement. Usually, such spare parts for air conditioners can only be bought in specialized stores. However, do not rush to such an expensive purchase, first you need to fold all possible causes of problems.

The most standard ways of checking whether the device is connected to the network, whether the thermostat is working (whether it is installed for cooling). It is also necessary to check whether there is blowing from the inside of the vents. Only then go to the outdoor unit.


To begin with – a capacitor. The fact is that in the process of working almost any household appliances need a certain voltage and constant current supply. For example, air conditioners operate only at 220 volts, so if there are any interruptions in this circuit, problems arise.

Capacitors, on the other hand, can sometimes accumulate current, like a battery. For this reason, there may be a problem with the outdoor unit. To get rid of it is necessary to release the capacitor from the excess voltage. This is done by closing the capacitor terminals (using an insulated screwdriver).


The next likely problem is the contactor. This is a part with the help of which the internal unit is energized and distributed between the engine and the compressor. There must be 220 volts on one side of the contactor, as on the other. If the output of the contactor is 0 volts – it is faulty. You can check this with a multi-meter.

Be careful! When testing, use all protective measures when working with power grids. If you are not sure about something – call the wizard.

After all the checks, it is safe to say that the whole problem is in the fan. If the remaining parts are working properly, you need to replace this part. It is better to entrust such a procedure to professionals who are able to do everything efficiently and with a guarantee of work.

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