How to Create a Luxury Home Spa Experience

It is the dream of every homeowner to incorporate comfort and class into their houses. Comfort is no longer restricted to the living rooms; designing an ideal place for taking a shower has a far-reaching implication in deciding whether your home is comfortable enough.

The idea of steam showers is gaining more popularity across the globe. More and more people are deriving a lot of joy and satisfaction in this concept than the regular shower stalls that people have used for decades.

What is a steam shower?

To put it in simple terms, it is a warm vaporous steam room designed for showering. The two key elements that facilitate the functioning of this equipment are the command buttons customarily placed within the enclosure unit and the Steam generator kit.

How to install a steam shower

The installation process calls for experienced hands to handle the different aspects involved and enable you to build your own steam shower.

Step 1

Source for a dealer who has an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality. Going for counterfeit products can harm you in the long run since you will be forced to incur many repairs and replacement parts. A genuine dealer will go ahead to advise on the best spot to hide the generator, which should probably be 25feet or so from the shower stall.

Step 2

You will also require the services of a tiling contractor. Their primary focus would be on the floor since the walls will be made of a different material that cannot accommodate ceramic or whichever type of tile.

Step 3

Once the equipment, i.e., steam generator kit and the digital control buttons, are in place, you need to engage the services of a shower-door installer. Before installing the shower door, he/she will build a steam-proof enclosure that is spacious enough. The dealer can come in handy to advise on the best contractors that can deliver on this mandate without compromising on quality.

The covid 19 pandemic has changed the way people conduct their day-to-day affairs. Many businesses have had to shut down in compliance with government regulations aimed at containing the virus. Relaxation spas have not been spared; this has forced people to think in new ways and strive to make their homes luxurious spas. This objective cannot be accomplished until you have installed a steam room/steam shower in your house. There is no denying that the cost of installing steam showers might be pretty high, however, the benefits that accompany this investment far outweigh the cost concerns.

Final thought

With climate change discussions taking precedence in almost every negotiation table worldwide, nations and individuals are encouraged to adopt measures that aim to awakening the masses to the reality of this challenge. Steam is a green way to bathe, and people should be enlightened and called upon to see it as a healthy alternative. This is a classic example of innovation seeking to not only bring comfort in the homes but also awaken people to the challenges of climate change.


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