Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture

Wood has used for thousands of years, and it still remains the best material for crafting furniture. Even though the materials used to make modern furniture has evolved over the years with other materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastic that are cheaply available, demand for wooden furniture still continues to grow in popularity and you can find solid wood dining table in Singapore easily and affordably. The following are some of the advantages of buying wooden furniture for either home use or office use.

  1. Durability

Wood is extremely durable as compared to other cheaper materials that are used to make furniture. Wood furniture can last with just little maintenance. The durability of your furniture will depend on the type of wood that you choose. Hardwoods such as white oak, walnut, and cherry retain their appearance for decades.

Softwoods such as cedar and pine are very common since softwoods take lesser time to grow and harvest than hardwoods. Moreover softwoods are also slightly lower in cost. However, softwoods are not as durable as hardwoods. Nonetheless, wood such as softwood and hardwood remain the most durable material available for furniture crafting.

  1. Easy to maintain

Wooden furniture is also easy to maintain. Cleaning it just requires simple dusting. You can simply clean spillage or other sticky messes using a wet cloth. If you treat your wooden furniture well, you won’t have to worry about heavy maintenance other than regular dusting. On the other hand, other materials such as iron can turn rusty fast giving you a stress since they require constant proper care.

  1. Versatility

Furniture made from wood can basically fit in any home. Rustic walnut can work perfectly in a home with a rustic look. For modern homes, natural walnut can fit in well with a white style. Wooden furniture offers the homeowner a kind of versatility that no other type of furniture can. As for other materials such as plastic or metal, you often have to depend on different types of paint to match the look that you want.

  1. Variety

There is a wide range of colors and tone for wood. That means there are plenty of styles and looks that you can choose for your decoration. Moreover, different tree species have unique grains and textures of their own. Beyond the natural material, there are further design variants that you can choose when you are buying from an artisan depending on your taste. Wooden furniture also offers you some kind of uniformity and creativity that is hard to achieve with other unnatural materials.

  1. Sustainability

Wood is a very sustainable resource, unlike non-renewable materials such as plastic. Trees when harvested responsibly can continually be replenished. It is crucial to buy wood from eco-friendly forests. Wood that is sourced and certified responsibly is the only renewable building material available. Using wood furniture is also sustainable as it gives you the chance to purchase locally from specialized artisans in your neighborhood. This gives you the opportunity to support the local timber industry and spur the local economy.

  1. Unique pieces

Wood always produces unique pieces of furniture. Even if the wooden furniture is made in a similar way with the same material, there is always that subtle difference between them. Furthermore, a craftsman has more options when working with wood than with other materials.

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