Five Ways Floormats Can Prevent Icy Slips & Falls

Matting is an excellent product that customers can use to prevent slips, trips, and falls. The number one deterrent against slips and falls is to keep the facility’s surface and employees’ shoes clean. For a clean and dry facility, mating is the best solution. But matting should be monitored and maintained. If not maintained properly, mat movement, curving of edges, and saturated mats with dirt or water can increase the risk.

To make it safer for people to walk on, a well-made mat will increase the coefficient of friction. The mat can also absorb water and ice from shoes, helping to keep floors dry. To avoid trip accidents, make sure you get one that is heavy enough and adheres well to the floor. While they are great at trapping dirt and dust, the aesthetics of any facility must be considered as well.

Heated Outdoor Floormats – Use heated outdoor floormats in Winter to avoid slips and falls (or sidewalk mats). These heated mats keep ice from key areas like outside doors and along walkways. A fall on an icy surface could land someone in hospital.

Heavy Duty Mats to Reduce Slush & Ice – Another problem is when your boots or shoes are covered in slush, water and ice. This can cause a slippery, dirty mess right outside the door. You can clean your boots and shoes on the outside of an entrance, but also inside. This will also keep your interior cleaner by reducing the amount of people dragging around wet and dirty slush. In the winter months, mats should be used for indoor and outdoor transitions. These simple solutions can be used to increase safety and reduce mess in homes, schools , offices, and public places.

Garage floormats – Similar to the interior of a building, garage floormats can be used to reduce ice, snow, and dirt in Winter. You can also use garage floormats to reduce slippage and fall risk during Winter when you are getting in and out of your car. Your garage can be filled with water and ice from your car. Since it is not heated it can lead to serious slip and fall risks. Good mats can help keep your car’s interior clean.

Anti Slip Tape on steps – Winter steps pose a serious risk. You should first keep them clean with rock salt and regular cleaning. You can make them slippery even if they are clean. Anti-slip tape and coverings can help reduce the chance of someone falling on your property.

Heavy Duty mats to prevent drain clogs – Simple Sanitop drain mats can help reduce the risk of clogs, keep your water flowing better, and decrease slipping hazards.

It will be icy this Winter and slips on the ice could cause serious injuries. You need to put your floormats to reduce your risk.

The risk of trip or fall can be reduced by matting, if it is properly placed and maintained. has more information about matting, including renting vs owning, variety of mats and rugs like custom logo rugs or mats, maintenance tips and how to choose the right backing.

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