4 Reasons to Buy an Automatic Pool Cleaner this Summer

Do you love summer but hate cleaning your pool? Are you still relying on the same pole tools that your grandmother had? Try converting to an automated pool cleaning system. There are pressure, suction and robotic cleaners that can make your summertime nightmare a thing of the past. If you are still on the fence about spending money on automated pool cleaners, then consider the four reasons that make them worth the price.

1. Convenience

The first and most apparent reason you may want to purchase automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh is there convenience. These cleaners often have a higher price tag because they are autonomous, meaning that you do not have to do anything. You simply place them in the pool, walk away, and a few hours later go swimming.

2. Easy Installation

These pool cleaners are also easy to install. The pressure and suction models need to be attached to your pools pump system, but this is typically done by an easy to connect hose. However, robotic cleaners work through a plug-and-play style of operations. You plug them into an extension and drop them in the water, that’s it.

3. Energy Efficient and Capable

While the pressurized and suction models do require the help of your pool pump, which may increase your electric bill a smidge, they are still energy efficient. The robotic models do not require the additional boost from your pump, so they are a tad more efficient than the others. However, all automatic cleaners have proven to be effective cleaners.

4. Cost Effective

The pressurized and suction-based models are likely the cheapest automatic pool cleaners. While the robotic cleaner is probably the most expensive option, it does offer several advantages, like maintaining pool chemical balance and low maintenance. 

Automatic pool cleaners can be extremely beneficial for pool owners, and with different styles, there is likely an affordable option for everyone. Head to your local pool supply and find the best version for you.

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