Why High Water Pressure Levels Are Dangerous

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High water pressure probably isn’t a thing most people think about regularly. However, if your house has very high water pressure levels, it can actually be quite dangerous. Luckily, there’s an easy way plumbers can check the water pressure levels in your home in order to begin addressing the issue.

Testing Your Water Pressure

Plumbers can check your water pressure using a hydrostatic test pump. These pumps will measure the water pressure of your home and let your plumber know if your water pressure is too high. Then your plumber can come up with a plan of action to rectify the problem.

How High Pressure Is Dangerous

Now, you are probably be wondering how exactly extremely high water pressure levels can be dangerous. There are actually several ways in which they can be dangerous and harmful. When water pressure is too high, it can actually cause major damage to your home. This is because it can cause your pipes to burst, resulting in leaks, including major leaks that can flood your home. This can, understandably, also cause health scares and concerns if it’s your toilet water that starts spilling into your home. After all, many harmful bacteria and viruses may be living in this water, and leaks could cause you to become exposed to them.

Aside from the threat of water leaks, high water pressure can also cause damage to other things in your home that use water regularly, such as appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine.

If you suspect that the water pressure in your home is too high, due to concerning signs like frequent, unexplained water leaks, a plumber can easily measure your water pressure using a hydrostatic test pump. If the water pressure is deemed to be too high after the test, they can then take the necessary steps to resolve this issue.

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