Caring for Your Reindeer Rug

Reindeer rugs are popular because of their beauty, durability, and pleasant texture. They are soft and they have a unique appearance. Caring for reindeer rugs is just like caring for other natural hide rugs. Proper care will help you keep your rug in good condition for a long time. Reindeer rugs are designed to look good. You may use them on your bedroom floor or as a drape over your furniture. The secret is to keep your rug away from foot traffic.

Cleaning Tips for Your Reindeer Rug

If you spill any liquids on your reindeer rug, you need to clean it up fast. The fur can only repel liquids for a short time. Use an absorbent towel tissue, towel, or piece of cloth to dab on the spill. If the liquid is coloured, it may be difficult to get the stain out. Use a mild shampoo on the stain but be careful not to make it too wet. Rinse the affected spot with warm water and leave it to dry away from direct sunlight.

Do not attempt to wash your hide unless you have to. If you do, use a very mild shampoo and some warm water. Washing your reindeer rug may cause it to lose its shape and softness.

If you spill solids on your hide, let them dry for some time and scrape them off or brush the dirt out.

Dry Cleaning the Rug

If you choose to be dry clean your rug, ensure that you take it to a professional cleaning company. Hire a company that as some experience with cleaning hide rugs. Let them do the job in cleaning and vacuuming your beloved rug. We may not be aware but, vacuuming the wrong way is one of the things that could ruin your rug.

General Care

When you buy your reindeer rug, it will have its natural smell. You can get rid of them by airing outside. The smell will disappear over time. Do not air your rug in direct sunlight to prevent shedding.

For regular cleaning, vacuum your rug or shake it outside. This will help you get rid of debris, dust, and lose particles.

Use a soft plastic brush to brush your rug. This will help you keep the airsoft and clean.


Do not store your rug under direct sunlight. If you are storing your rug for a long time, you need to keep it in a cool dry place with sufficient airflow.

You should never store your rug in a plastic bag. Plastic bags may promote creasing.

Heavy use of reindeer rugs can lead to excessive shedding. Place your rug in a place where people and pets do not walk over it. If you place your reindeer rug in a busy office, it won’t last long.

The hairs of reindeer rugs retain a lot of heat so you should keep your rugs away from heat. Do not store your rugs close to fires or radiators. The excessive heat causes your rug to shed hair.

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