Carpet Tiles Or Traditional Carpeting: Which Is Right For Your Home?

When choosing the right carpet for your home, style, color, and intended use all have a part to play. If you’re living in a household that’s full of kids or mischievous pets, you might consider a carpet type that’s a bit more adaptable to mess and unexpected accidents. When you go to purchase carpet for your home, it’s always good to think about maintenance first rather than keep it as an afterthought. When it comes to bringing in your new purchase for regular carpet cleaning arlington va appointments, it’s always best to know how many trips you’re going to make so you can budget accordingly. If you’re a true neat freak, you can also bypass the process entirely (well, almost) by getting a mess-proof rug type like a stain-resistant carpet model or carpet tiles. One of the benefits of tiled carpet is that, while far from being disposable or cheap looking, this style of carpet is able to mix and match by the square inch. You don’t have to worry about one stain ruining your new rug, and you don’t need to keep rushing back to the cleaners. If you have a messy home, here are some things to consider.

Carpet Tiles Make Cleanup Easy

While standard carpeting can be a great option for parents with older children and fewer stains to clean up on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that parents of small children and pets sing the praises of carpet tiles. If you’re someone who hates cleaning up the same mess day after day or simply doesn’t want to spend half their lives stressing about bleaching out peanut butter and jelly stains from a brand new, expensive rug, carpet tiles can solve most of your problems easily. In addition to being totally kid- and pet-friendly, carpet tiles come in as many patterns, colors, and textures as you can imagine. Once one square gets stained, you can easily (and relatively cheaply) replace it with another. This is a great selling point for parents of small kids who don’t want their home to look like a nursery. Installing more fun, colorful tiles in the kids’ room can be great for sparking creativity and inspiring an interactive sense of kids’ surrounding, a more muted, sophisticated range of carpet tiles in the living room can create the perfect atmosphere for worry-free entertaining and play.

Worried About Mold? Get Carpet Tiles

While traditional carpeting can be fairly easy to clean, nothing beats the ease of carpet tiles. Even with a synthetic fiber rug, cleaning a stain can be a tedious task that most homeowners don’t want to deal with in the best of times. Add to this the frequency of cleaning up after small kids and worrying about moisture build-up, and cleaning a carpet can become a daily nightmare. For homeowners who don’t have to worry about messy co-habitants like kids and pets, traditional carpeting is a perfect choice for any room in the home. However, even for homeowners who live alone and keep an exceptionally neat house, installing carpet tile can be a total dream in areas like the kitchen where complicated messes are more common, or even areas like a bathroom or back porch, where traditional carpeting tends to get too damp to last very long.

Carpet Tiles Can Be Great for Kids

In addition to keeping your home clean and versatile, carpet tiles can also be great inspiration for kids. Tiles are naturally fun, colorful, and easy to mix and match, making them ideal for a kids’ bedroom. As kids grow, they tend to age out of their bedroom furniture quickly. Want to give your child’s room a quick, ‘grown-up’ update without trashing all their old furniture? Opt for a new set of carpet tiles to create an instant sense of sophistication without losing that playful sense of versatility and fun.

You’ll Never Grow Bored of Your Carpet

Traditional carpets are unbeatable for offering a wide range of colors, styles, and fiber types. But If you’re someone who easily gets bored and likes to switch it up, it’s going to prove far easier to get a rug that’s easily freshened up and swapped out rather than investing in something you know you’re going to get tired of quickly. Remember, your rug represents a long-term investment. If you’re not happy with your choice or end up unhappy with it after a few months, you’re not going to want to spare the extra expense just to give your living room a new look. This goes for basic home accidents like staining as well. If you’re someone who embraces the unpredictability of life, carpet tile might just be your best choice.

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