Home Bathroom to Hotel Bathroom

The hotel element of our holiday getaway is half of the reason we go, right? Enjoying the luxurious feel of a stunning hotel bathroom is something we all dream of, so why not bring this into our own home? We have some beautiful tips on taking your bathroom from home to hotel through the must have products of this season. If you’re not sure where to start, you can look at Aqualisa and follow the advice we have prepared just for you.

Mixer Shower

A mixer shower is one way of introducing the hotel lifestyle into your home. Have you ever enjoyed a shower with the perfect temperature and pressure, there is nothing better, especially at the end of a long and tiring day. Blending the perfect amount of hot and cold water you can establish the perfect shower temperature each time you step in for a soak. There are built in thermostatic valves, paired with a range of perfect, sleek, and contemporary designs for your home bathroom.

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Your bathroom lighting is so important for setting the right ambience. Consider purchasing vanity lighting to give the perfect mirror lighting for when you’re getting ready whilst boasting a beautiful focal point in your bathroom for the ultimate hotel feel. We recommend lighting more than one area of your room for ease of use. For example, mirror lighting and ceiling lighting and if you can include it, ambience lighting to help really set the scene in this intimate spot in the home.

Bathroom Taps

Bathroom taps designed with durability with ease of use and a beautiful, sleek, and contemporary design will really bring the hotel bathroom element to your home. The key here is ensuring your bathroom is efficient, clean, and safe. This is exactly how the hotel bathroom is designed so ensure this element is brought into your home. You can easily clean and navigate around a bathroom tap that is designed with ease of use and durability in mind.

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The smallest of touches in your bathroom at home can make your space feel ultimately luxurious. Luxury towels immediately upgrade your entire bathroom and self-grooming routine. Could you imagine investing in a beautiful new bathroom space and seeing your lifeless old towels hanging on the side spoiling the view? You need to experience a beautiful bathroom with a beautiful towel at the end of the shower for the best hotel and spa experience. As the saying goes, buy cheap buy twice, this certainly sticks here. Purchasing towels that are luxury come with the matching price tag, but you can rest easy knowing you won’t be purchasing more any times soon as they won’t turn to rags very quickly.


To make your bathroom a space you want to take endless baths, showers, and self-care routines you should consider purchasing a luxurious diffuser to allow the smell to reflect the space you are relaxing in. A popular scent to consider is lemon and bergamot, this is a real touch of fresh that will be perfect for your new, hotel bathroom in the home feel.

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