Window Treatments and Design Trends You Need to Know

The windows of our homes can make or break the look and feel of our interiors. They provide our homes with natural light, they are our literal window into the outside world, and they can act or subtract to our exteriors’ curb appeal.

When paired with questionable curtains or an ugly color, a gorgeously designed and installed window can make our home look unbalanced and immediately take away from our hard work in making everything else in our home look cohesive and pretty. If you’re stumped on how to spruce up your windows, here are some ideas on where to start.


When many of us are stuck inside our homes, making the separation between our interiors and exteriors less prominent is a great way to reduce claustrophobia and cabin fever. If you have been blessed to live in an area with plenty of trees and greenery that can provide privacy, consider converting one of your walls into a floor-to-ceiling window. The best part is that it reduces energy costs since it uses a considerable amount of natural light. There are plenty of protective films that can help filter harmful UV rays and reduce warmth while still letting the right amount of light into your home.


Because the COVID-19 crisis has forced our homes to become multifunctional, a place where we can rest, work, play, study, and exercise, we have to ensure that the rooms of our homes have enough flexibility, so they can be whatever we need them to be at any given time. Enter multifunctional window treatments, which can help change the lighting and shade in our rooms at the drop of a hat.

One example of this is a window treatment system that combines a room-darkening and a light-filtering material into one shade, which can then strike a balance between privacy when you need it, and filtered light when you want it. This multifunctional window system can help turn your room into a place where you have Zoom calls or a dark bedroom when it’s time to sleep.

Warm minimalism

For a while there, maximalism seemed to work its way into our homes, but the pandemic and the recession had a way of stripping the world bare of things we don’t need and can’t afford to maintain. This is why simple and warm minimalism will always be on-trend when we’re battling a pandemic—because it forced homeowners to create a dwelling that’s centered on being a soothing and cozy sanctuary.

To incorporate this “less is more” approach to your windows, choose solid roller shades and combine them with patterned side panels that look like washed wood. Roller shades with subtle and soft curves will look wonderful with smooth and round pieces of furniture reminiscent of the minimalist Scandinavian style.

If you find that your eyes are tired of looking at busy interiors that don’t quite have a cohesive theme, starting with your windows and working your way from there can help you achieve the warm minimalist look.

Softer colors

If there was ever a time to get away from harsh, severe colors in our interiors, now is the time to do so. Choosing softer pastel hues can help provide a level of serenity in your room that bright and dark colors can’t. Choose shades that reflect a bit of calm and hope, like Aegean teal, which combines gray and blue-green and helps evoke the feeling of being at the beach.

Another color you can incorporate into your windows is ultimate gray, which was chosen as one of the Pantone colors of 2021 as it evokes steadiness and resilience. You can choose woven wood shades or bamboo shades to provide a natural yet textured look to your space or pleated blinds to help you control the amount of natural light you want to let into your home.

Automated window shades

The future will be marked with smart technology, and our homes will be no exception. Why not get ahead of the trend and invest in automated window shades, which you can control with the help of an app on your smartphone or device. You can even use the voice command option to choose the shade setting on your windows. This will help you avoid running around your home at different times of the day to adjust the shades according to where the sun is. It will also help provide extra security because automated window shades can help make your home lived in and occupied even when you’re not there.

Our windows can make or break the look of our home. Invest in your windows now to turn your home into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted them to be.

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