Smashing the top 5 myths about timber windows

Myths about Timber Windows

There is an opinion that wood is not the best material for making windows. However, this is a misconception, since the life time of window units depends largely on proper care. Keeping wood in perfect condition for a long time is easy if you follow all the recommendations. In order to avoid making a wrong decision, it is worth consulting Scott James.

Wood rot cannot be controlled

The idea that wood doesn’t last long haunt many owners of wooden window blocks, but this opinion is wrong. Protecting wood elements is a procedure that shouldn’t be neglected. In order to keep your wood intact, you will need to follow a few simple recommendations from sash windows specialists:

  • check its condition once a year;
  • cover your window sill, block and other elements with paint;
  • protect wood from moisture with varnish.

The service life of wooden sashes is up to 100 years, and you may need sash windows renovation no more than 2 times a decade. The location of your house and weather conditions are reflected in the condition of wood, but the listed measures are enough to protect this material from rot.

Sash window is expensive

The cost of wooden windows seems high only at first glance, but simple calculations can dispel any doubts. As a rule, metal plastic window blocks need to be replaced more often. The service life of wooden analogs is up to 5 service cycles of ordinary PVC windows.

In addition, wood products look more aesthetically pleasing than their “counterparts”. If you decide to sell a house with wooden window blocks, they are in great demand, so you won’t need to search for a buyer for a long time. Considering the listed advantages, it becomes clear that wooden windows are not expensive, they are profitable.

Timber window is draughty

This myth has a clear basis: wood that is not cared for is prone to letting dust, wind and water through. However, avoiding such troubles is much easier than it seems. Regular maintenance of wooden window blocks will solve the problem with frequent refurbishments.

Thanks to modern technology and innovative sealing layers, it is possible to protect your home from drafts and wind. Maintaining the proper condition of your windows allows you to normalize the indoor microclimate, reduce the consumption of heat resources and create a pleasant ambiance at any time of the year.

Original sash windows cannot be double glazed

The times when such restrictions really existed are in the distant past. Nowadays, double glazing is not considered something forbidden or unattainable. On the contrary, such double-glazed windows are in demand due to their obvious advantages:

  • improved sound insulation;
  • improved thermoregulation;
  • reduction of energy losses.

In addition, timber windows restoration and installation doesn’t require government permits. You have a choice of thin sashes, and there is also the possibility to make new ones to accommodate two sheets. A double-glazed unit, which implies secondary glazing, provides a high level of sound insulation.


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