Everything you Need to Know About Garage Door Sizes

If you are installing or upgrading your garage door, use this opportunity to choose your vehicle’s best garage door size. This is especially so if you plan to use your garage for different vehicles. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from when it comes to garage door sizes.

The guide below will inform you of everything you need to know about garage door sizes.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Size

There are plenty of garage door options at your disposal. The diversity of the same ensures that everyone gets what they need. The most common garage door type is the standard type.

When choosing a new garage door, keep these pointers in mind:

  • What type of vehicles do you own? Can they all comfortably fit through the garage door?
  • Do you plan to get a new vehicle in the future? That said, consider sizing up your garage door to be safe.
  • Do you prefer single or double stalls? You will also need to determine how many stalls you require.
  • Will you purchase oversized vehicles such as a recreational vehicle or boat? If so, you will have to consider installing an oversize garage door.
  • Do you intend to use your garage for storage?

These crucial considerations will help you create the perfect garage that stores, protects, and protects your valuables.

Single or Double Doors

Garage doors sizes can either be single or double.

The most common size for most residential garage doors is a single one. These doors have a measurement (in feet) of 8×7, 9×7, and 10×7. Single doors are suitable for standard vehicles that do not occupy a large space.  You might have to refrain from installing this kind of door if you plan to buy a larger vehicle in the future.

Double doors, on the other hand, accommodate larger vehicles such as work trucks and recreational vehicles. These doors have measurements (in feet)  of 12×7, 14×7, and 16×7, but the sizes can differ among different manufacturers.  The advantage of double doors is they are way cheaper and save space.

Overall, it all comes down to personal preference. You can also get creative and combine the two options to create a three-car garage.

Popular Sizes for Garage Doors

While there is a wide variation of garage door sizes, and will often vary between different manufacturers, these are the most common ones in the market:

  • GRP garage doors- these have a measurement of 7-14 feet in width and 6-7 feet in height
  • Steel and aluminum garage doors- these have a measurement of 6-14 feet in width and 6-7 feet in height

Garage Door Replacement

If you want t o to replace your current garage door, you will likely be limited to the garage’s original size. Unless you are open to the idea of substantially modifying your garage, you will be limited to working with the available space.

In this case, you can consider building a detached garage by making use of the available space.

Other factors to consider

Finally, there are other crucial factors to consider when choosing a garage door size. For example., some may prefer two single doors for two vehicles to act as an alternative when one door malfunctions. You will also need to consider the space between the ceiling and the garage door and ensure the doors can easily open.

Whether you are installing a new garage door or renovating the current one, getting it right can add plenty of appeal to your home. With so much to consider, hiring a professional garage door installer can ensure the project is done right the first time.


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