Do You Want to Buy A Right Dining Table for Your Home? A Few Tips

Your dining room is one of the special spaces of your home, where you spend some quality time with your family and enjoy eating together.

Also, often you may like to invite your friends for dining and hence it is necessary that you must choose your dining room that offers not only comfort, but also that can be well placed within the dining room.

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While choosing any kind of furniture meant for your home, that also includes your dining table too, you need to check about the space availability, where you will place it. Measure properly the size of dining room where you will place your dining table.

This will help you decide about the dimensions of the dining table before you go shopping. Ideally, you must keep distance between the edge of the dining table and the wall, around 3 feet. This can offer enough space to move your chairs and also enough clearance while you walk around the table.

Now you need to decide, which type of dining table will suit your need. In the furniture shop, you can find many different designs, types and size. Basically, you need to decide whether you will need 4-seater dining table or 6-seater dining table depending upon your family size.

Following are different styles of dining tables available in most of the furniture shops:

  1. Traditional country style

This will be usually heavy farmhouse style of dining tables having exposed wooden surfaces

  1. Modern and contemporary

This will be straight edged with clean-lined forms usually made from wood, metal or glass.

  1. Classic styles

Pieces having distinctive elements e.g. curved cabriole legs, shaped aprons and embellishments.

  1. Scandinavian

Usually, sleek and with minimal pieces having slim table tops is angled or have splayed legs

  1. Industrial

Wooden or metal dining tables

There are few other types of dining tables, you can select based on your choice and taste.

  1. Wooden dining table

Wooden dining tables are most commonly available types which is made of hardwood or solid wood and are quite durable and sustainable type of material.

  1. Marble dining table

You can also get dining tables made of marble, which is also highly durable. You can get them in either contemporary or oriental designs in different colours.

  1. Glass dining table

Glass dining tables also offers a good optics to dining room and gives a feeling of larger space within the dining room. It is easier to clean and maintain.

  1. Square-shaped dining table

Most of the dining tables available are either square shaped or in rectangular shape and that suits well in any kind of dining rooms. You can accommodate 4 to 8 persons in these dining tables.

  1. Round-shaped dining table

Those who have small sized dining room can prefer to buy round shapes dining   tables which can offer comfortable and friendly environment.

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