A living room sees and welcomes most of the gathering, whether it is family, friends, or guests. The very first thing that comes to everyone’s while designing a living room is that the room should be cozy and comfortable. But that clearly does not mean that you have to compromise on style and design.

There’s nothing like having a well-designed living room that’s dedicated to spending quality time and hosting loved ones. This central place paves the way for the majority of the interior design. It’s also one of the best ways to highlight your artistic style by playing with paint palettes, layers of textures and designs, and a range of furniture styles. It’s supposed to be relaxed, welcoming, and trendy. Furthermore, whether you’re a design fanatic, it’s the perfect spot to check your favorite patterns, whether you’re looking for maximalist artwork or being bold with metallic paint.

Where it comes to living room decoration 2020, contemporary is a term that is repeated endlessly when it comes to expressing a unique look.  Yet the fact is, all various kinds of styles may be summed up as contemporary, from suburban to minimalism.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite representations of contemporary living spaces to help you figure things out.

  1. Decor and lighting in lovely bursts of colorful pops, like the stunning focal point of a bright pink fireplace backdrop, redefine what minimalist lighting entails in a sophisticated living room. Keeping the walls white when splattering bright colors across space does not weaken, but instead reinforces the stunning core of the house.


  1. The classical and neutral paint scheme often fits in a contemporary living room without skimping on the wow element. Try to blend the classic hues by adding the accent chairs and decorative cushions in royal blue; they would shine against comfortable gray furniture in this trendy contemporary room with a stylish ambiance.


  1. Go for this idea only if you have an enduring style on your mind. You could plan on out by separating the main living area as a planter room divider that uplifts the floor with beautiful greenery. Low-profile design with a vintage, mid-century feel creates an elegant theme. The iconic pieces are both relaxed and clear, all facets of the new era. Above everything, there can be statement light fixtures that bring a modern twist on the classic chandelier.


  1. When you have a beautiful view, it makes perfect sense to go for a sleek, seamless living space, which reflects on a lush green backyard or lovely garden. Clear lines, minimal furniture, and a simple paint palette that combines perfectly with the great outdoors render this place inviting.


  1. Luminous and spacious are two terms that spring to mind as most people speak about contemporary design. And every living room should be the epitome of that feeling is the epitome of that feeling.   The bursts of colors activate the largely neutral-toned space. You can opt for bold prints on the walls to enhance the sense of liveliness. For instance,    it is important to keep in mind that contemporary spaces will involve a mash-up of furniture types such as the spindle farmhouse seats arranged around the Saarinen “Tulip” dining table.


  1. The best living rooms, no matter how minimalist and simple, have comfy furniture. A lightweight couch can be lined with teal cushions and a super soft and snug throw. The wool rug is just as sleek and welcoming.


  1. Step over Scandi-chic decor and make way for all the everything Art Deco. Go for a contemporary living room that incorporates classic art deco features such as a faceted mirror and a coffee table with luxurious pieces such as lavish jewel-hued furniture. The outcome is a luxurious living space that looks spacious, colorful, and cozy.


  1. In several living spaces, fireplaces are the focal point, but why follow the same monotonous design? Go for a trendy design for the living room.   A conceptual self-portrait in monochrome is the core of this boho-inspired gallery. Make sure you are striking a balance between textures and colors. You can beautify space with exotic potted plants alongside statement sofas.   Place a   geometrical rug and a suede side chair. These are room warming features that complement the warm and cozy ambiance of a living room.

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