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9 Window treatments in style in 2018

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Are you looking to upgrade your window treatment? Or, are you moving to a new house and you are looking for ideas to dress your windows? Below are some of the trending window treatments in 2018.


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  1. Bamboo treatments

If you are looking to bring some natural components into your house, bamboo treatments are an ideal option. There is a wide range of bamboo window treatments including bamboo shades, bamboo curtains and bamboo blinds. You can find both colorful and natural bamboo window treatments to give your house a tropical feel. They are not only eco-friendly and stylish but also durable.

  1. Colourful treatments

Interior design in the last two decades has been characterized by neutral colours such as white, beige and grey. However, colourful interior décor trends from the 1990s and 1980s seem to be making a come back.  Cherry yellow and pink sheers and curtains are becoming a go-to window treatment option for people looking to brighten their homes.

  1. Banded roller shades

Banded shades are fast outdoing the classic roller shades both at home and office. Banded shades are specially designed to offer both functionality and aesthetics. They are made of layers of sheer and opaque fabric which allow in just enough light while keeping the outside world out. Most are ergonomically made in such a way that you can close and open them with a single rotation of the pull-tab.

  1. Mounting drapery near the ceiling

Mounting the drapery a few inches from the ceiling creates an illusion of spaciousness and creates a wow factor. You don’t need to redesign your window frame to make it longer. Work with what you have by ensuring your mount your drapery at least 6 inches above the upper side of the window frame.

  1. Motorized window treatments

Motorized window treatments offer homeowners convenience by giving you control over ambience, UV light filtering and ease of opening and closing.  Some are voice controlled, others are smartphone or remote-controlled, yet others are controlled with a switch. The more sophisticated ones adjust themselves to create a suitable ambience depending on the time of the day. Houzz explores the most suitable spots in your house to install motorized treatments.

  1. Sheers

Sheers have been around for a while now and they are expected to continue dominating the interior décor industry. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and density. If you are looking to let in more natural light into your house, incorporate sheers in your window dressing.

  1. Bold patterns

Are you looking for an interior décor idea to make a statement or to express your bold personality? Consider window treatments with a bold pattern. The key is to go for patterns that complement the rest of your house décor well.

  1. Layering

Layering not only gives you control over how much light is entering your home, but it also makes it stylish. Besides, it adds texture to your overall décor. There are different ways that you can implement layering. These include combining sheer window shades with drapery panels; shutters with drapery panels, and blinds and drapery panels. For instance, you could install a sheer shade behind a blackout shade.

  1. Metallic fabrics

The colours gold, bronze and silver have made a come back in window fabrics as popularized by the Vogue magazine. They create a classic and bold feel of a room and can be layered with light sheers. The metallic colours work well for drapes.

The above trends can serve as a basis for you to choose your ideal window treatment option depending on your budget, preference and style. Visit now to find all the window treatment materials you need to give your home the new and stylish look it deserves.


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