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Uses of Pergolas for Your Melbourne Home

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A pergola is an outdoor structure with columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. As the oldest surviving garden fixture to date, pergolas were crafted as an inviting open-air setting to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of being under the shade. Pergolas can seem like an incomplete structure as they are typically built with roof beams and vertical beams without a solid roof or walls but this enables them to be versatile additions to the home and garden. It can be left open or covered to act as a shelter from the elements. If the open nature of the pergola is a concern, additional coverage can easily be achieved through drapes, latticework panels or screens.

Pergolas create a defined space within the garden or backyard that can be used in a myriad of ways. Here are some uses for Melbourne pergolas.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

An open and inviting space, the pergola performs well as an outdoor entertainment space or lounge area with which to entertain guests or even just to enjoy being outside of the home whilst also being protected from the harsh Melbourne weather. Setting up some outdoor-friendly furniture and hanging up some decorations can make space seem more cosy and intimate, perfect for hosting barbeques or dinner parties. The open structure lends itself well to decorative elements. String lights, hanging plants, windchimes, gauzy curtains and so on can really inject personality and charm to the simple structure. Moreover, the decorative elements can be switched out depending on the season or events.

Plants and Greenery

Different plants require varying degrees of sunlight and shade. While some plants may be able to handle direct sunlight, others may prefer a more shaded space. Vines and creeping plants are especially pretty when paired with a pergola as the stems will climb up the structure, eventually creating a dreamy natural ceiling. Pergolas afford a comfortable amount of sunlight through while also allowing sufficient cover for delicate plants, especially if fitted with Shade Blade system. The innovative Shade Blade is designed to attach to the pergola’s fixed blade arrangement at an angle which lets the light and breeze in but also protects from the sunlight, creating natural filtered light. The blades also adapt well to colder months by allowing the sun’s warmth to come through the blinds.


Pergolas were traditionally constructed out of wood but recent homeowners are beginning to opt for steel structures. The high-tensile steel is durable and long-lasting compared to wood which can be susceptible to rotting. The innovative pre-notched connection sleeves make construction particularly easy and installation a breeze. Moreover, the range of fittings ensures that the steel components do not feature unattractive brackets. Instead, a sleek and minimal look is achieved. Steel pergolas do not require frequent upkeep and are available in a number of high gloss colours to suit any home.

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